Is Limetorrents blocked in your country? Are you currently looking for some alternative ways to access Limetorrents? There are lots of alternatives. Among all, Mirror sites & Limetorrents proxy are the most feasible. However, finding the Limetorrent proxies that are working can be a painful thing.

Luckily, limetorrents operators along with other torrents freaks are currently assisting us with Mirror websites & limetorrents proxy from time to time. Mirror sites include indicators exactly the same information, and updates with fresh content. The difference is they operate with a different name.

In this article, you’ll find 100+ finest working limetorrents proxy and mirror sites. Additionally, extra information on how to safely get limetorrents, and alternatives to limetorrents etc.


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Limetorrents Proxy


Limetorrents essentially is an index site using torrents that are mostly verified. Since each torrent is confirmed, the risk of virus and malware are less.

You can download a lot of TV Shows, and Films, Anime Games for free. Interestingly, you will not find any adult content. Thus, it is family safe.

Limetorrents is a torrent search engine that maintains the index of torrent hosted on the third site. It just a search engine like google. They show verified torrents only. It is one of the most trusted torrent sites.

Why is LimeTorrents Blocked?

You know providing the copyright-protected content without the owner’s permission is illegal, and these torrent websites do exactly the exact same thing in IPS or result in your government block those websites.

If a torrent site is proving the copyright-protected material then its owner, how? Let’s understand it assume you create content or digital product by investing money your time and efforts, you are supplying customers in $10 to it.

Now it is simply a way to earn money for you, however, a torrent site is providing it free of charge, and the website owner is earning money without making efforts, Your all money and efforts will be wasted, and but nonetheless, some users will that merchandise from the real owner.

I am also a creator so I can understand this thing, recall torrents website is not prohibited, although torrents site might be prohibited in some countries, the way which is used from the torrent website could be prohibited.

It’s possible to get a website in your country; there are some fantastic ways below is about how you are able to get LimeTorretns your manual primary domain on your nation.

How to Unblock Limetorrents

There are primarily two reasons why you are unable to get Limetorrents. Primarily, it must be blocked by your ISP or Network Admin. Limetorrents was obstructed in the UK, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Norway, and India.

You can check if Limetorrents is up or not? If it is up then it’s blocked by your ISP. In that case, you may easily skip your browser that is that restriction by using TOR or even a proxy site.

You have to have Limetorrents mirrors to find access if the lLimetorrents is permanently down. Below, I have provided a listing of mirrors and proxy. That are all tried and tested for status, rate, and their accessibility.

Is LimeTorrents Proxy safe?

Lime Torrents website is secure to use. You can use the LimeTorrents search engine browse the classes or for your torrent documents.

You select the file and then download it. The site is fast and reveals no ads, popups or maze of links to get.

But might not be dependable. The website doesn’t host any and simply provides links to the content.

Lime Torrents as with other torrent sites employs the P2P BitTorrent protocol to move content between consumers, and nothing is available on its servers.

The search engine works well, and you can use it to look through most of torrents or filter files of a specific genre. LimeTorrents has documents for programs, movies, music, games, TV shows and also anime.

Is LimeTorrents Legal?

The majority of the torrents recorded there contain materials, also piracy is not, while torrenting is legal. The website enables its customers to download files for free that are offered for a premium price elsewhere.

Movies and newest TV episodes are made available shortly after they finish airing. Applications and music are also available there to download.

And because of all such reasons, LimeTorrents stands obstructed around the world in a variety of areas. But in this specific Lime Torrents review, I’ll show you how to unblock LimeTorrents with VPN.

VPN for LimeTorrents

Due to the bans imposed by ISPs around the globe, many LimeTorrents proxy sites are now available which enables you to access it without limitation. But the proxy sites have some safety issues including (but not limited to) malware.

Those websites does not show any annoying popups and links also not ads that redirect you to other sites.

Therefore, as you attempt to download an episode of Agents of Shield starts downloading in the background. Not only that, a large number of popups could consume a significant quantity of system resources.

But with a VPN for torrenting, you can escape all the problems connected to the Lime Torrents proxy sites.

A number of the recommended service suppliers comprise ExpressVPN and NordVPN. Taking them I am telling you to bypass LimeTorrents block.

Limetorrents Proxy/Mirror list

Mirrors are hosted in countries where limetorrents isn’t blocked. Consequently, if you can’t use Limetorrents directly, by means of Limetorrents proxy along with mirrors, then are always going to be able to access your favourite torrent site, Limetorrents.

Caution, Use a VPN!

Your Own Internet Service Provider and Government can monitor your surfing Activity! Hide your IP Address using a VPN! 

Get a VPN Now


Very High            Limetorrents Proxy
High            Limetorrents Proxy
High            Limetorrents Proxy
Very High            Limetorrents Proxy
Very High            Limetorrents Proxy
High            Limetorrents Proxy
Very High            Limetorrents Proxy
High            Limetorrents Proxy
Very High            Limetorrents Proxy
High            Limetorrents Proxy
Very High            Limetorrents Proxy
High            Limetorrents Proxy

Limetorrents Alternatives Proxy 2019 | Limetorrent Mirror

www.limetorrents.asia (Official)
www.limetorrents.info (Official)
www.limetor.com (Official)
limetorrents unblocked proxy listvisit here (Not verified)
www.limetor.club (Official)
www.limetorrents.co (Official)
limetorrents proxy ukvisit here (Slow)


SiteStatusSpeed            Limetorrents Proxy
  High            Limetorrents Proxy
High            Limetorrents Proxy
Very High            Limetorrents Proxy
High            Limetorrents Proxy
Very High            Limetorrents Proxy
High            Limetorrents Proxy
High            Limetorrents Proxy
Very High            Limetorrents Proxy
Very High
Yandex Translate Proxy            Limetorrents Proxy
High            Limetorrents Proxy
Very High

Limetorrents Free Download Movies Proxy

Fast Proxy
Very Fast Proxy
Fast Proxy
Fast Fast Proxy
Very Fast Proxy
Very Fast Proxy
Very Fast Proxy
Very Fast
Notice: A lots of fake sites exist as well. They show full of torrents that are fake and ads and imitating the real one. You have to be careful with them.

If you would like to use a quick method then check these extensions. You can download any one of them and add it to your own chrome browser and browse Limetorrents.

The best way to download Limetorrents movies

Follow the steps below to download movies.

Step 1: Enable VPN on your computer

Step 2: Click on any one of the Limetorrents proxy/Mirror websites above

Step 3: It takes you to the site. You can find anime etc, television shows, and films

Step 4: look at the seeders and leechers and health before downloading the torrent file

Step 5: Now open the torrent file using a torrent client like uTorrent and then Await the download

Websites like Limetorrents

In the event, not one of the Limetorrents working for you or want to take a look at other choices, you can assess the  limetorrent alternatives that are Limetorrents below. In fact, some of these alternatives are possibly better in some aspects, than Limetorrents.

Best 3 Limetorrents Alternatives and Options

1. Kickass Proxy

The No.1 At our list is the famed kickass torrents. It can be readily accessed by you by a listing of KAT proxy/mirror sites though the site was closed down.

2. Pirate Proxy

Piratebay is still another alternate to Limetorrents. From Films to TV Shows it’s it all. You are able to download any movie from this torrent site.

3. YIFY Proxy

YIFY is my pick following pirate bay and Kickass. Because the site looks simple and you can download movies as small as in 300MB. Double hands down, to its own operators.

4. Extratorrents Proxy

Wrap Up: Limetorrents Proxy | Limetorrents Mirror

Thus far we have discussed Limetorrents proxy and mirror sites and various choices to download movies online. I hope it was helpful. What do you think?

If we have missed anything, please use the comments section below.