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👉10+ Tools To Test and Detect Fake Or Counterfeit USB Flash Drives

👉Tools to Test and Detect Fake or Counterfeit USB Flash Drives

The development and increase of the global marketplace and sites like Amazon has made it easier for consumers and manufacturer to purchase computer hardware and for manufacturers and companies to sell hardware to users across the globe.

But in all these, their are various products that are fake and Counterfeit in the field of computers also. There are several fake devices sold that include USB, flash drives and even SSD drives.

The products resemble the same on the outside which means by looking at it one can not spot the difference between a real product or a counterfeit product.

Why It Is Important to Check Whether USB Is Original or Not?

So it is important to check whether the product is original and it can be done by various ways like by ensuring that the serial number on the stick is legitimate.

Problems Faced By Fake Or Counterfeit USB Flash Drives

  • By ensuring that size of the drive is advertised because most fake drives have
  • a lower real capacity than estimated
  • low-quality parts may lead to file corruption
  • data loss, and other issues and even read and write speed may be lower than advertised.

When fake drives are used several problem is faced like There are several tools to identify fake or counterfeit drives by knowing its actual size which are listed below. 

List Of Fake Or Counterfeit USB Flash Drives

We have compiled list of freeware and premium software.

1. FakeFlashTest

It is a free software for verifying the real capacity of SD memory cards and flash drive media. It writes blocks of data with a size corresponding to the declared capacity of the media thus verifying the actual capacity of the disk. It is from the developer of the RMPrepUSB multipurpose USB tool. FakeFlash Test is an extended version of the component of RMPrepUSB that is to perform a quick test for checking the real capacity of the drive. It includes optimization and methods that suit better for modern flash media.

This tool is simple and sleek and is used to verify the exact size of the memory that one has paid for. This test includes two tests that are quick size tests which is destructive so one needs to make sure that there is a backup of the file and Test space.

The first test is done for checking the drive and reporting the true capacity and if the drive is fake or destructive then it warns.  512 bytes of data is read and write at set intervals across the drive and gets finished in less time.

The second is Test Empty Space in which one can write test files to the left out free space on drive and data can be lost if the drive is fake. With the helps of H2testw Fake Flash tests try to fix the issue that is on a larger or slower flash drives it takes a longer time for the process. The second test performs the task quicker than H2testw. All the data js removed by this test so one should make sure that all the important files are removed.

2. H2testw

This is one of the best application through which one can check the capacity of the drive correctly by detecting and checking the flash drive memory.  On newer large capacity drives, scan with H2testw will run into numerous hours or days especially if they also have slow write speeds.

It could be a value for money. The best feature of this tool is that it can scan the drive to know the fake capacity. This tool checks the free space on the drive so it not fully destructive. To check the device completely for better results  this tool should run on a fully formatted device. This tool writes large files of 1GB to the free space and then read them back. There is an issue if the read data is not in the same way as what was written.

There is no requirement of installation by this software and has an easy to use interface. It also provides information one needs to check. With the assistance of straight forward mouse click, one can examine the entire storage device or get a correct ration information. One can delete, verify again the test files that are left by the software after it is done.

It is a very thorough test. It can be easily changed to GUI but defaults to the German language. This is one the best tool for solving the issues related to memory and test and removes bad data means the non readable or corrupted data. This tool is used almost by everyone without advanced knowledge. 

3. Flash Drive/Card Tester

This is one of the best tools designed to detect the counterfeit drives with fake capacity. However it is listed as a generic tool to test  SD/CF cards or flash drives. It writes data to the device, then read it back then find the difference by comparing them. It works like H2testw. There is a problem with the drive if any error is detected. For running a full test one needs to select flash drive from the drop-down and then they need to choose the test type “write, read and compare”, then the test can be started.

On a larger slow drive if there is no time for running a full test, then one can write data to the drive now and compare it later by the use of separate test types of Write and then Read. – Flashcard/drive tester is used to test any removable media like SD, CF, USB flash drives for bad or unstable sectors. It is one of the best tools to test fake sizes often seen on low quality USB flash drives.

4. ChipGenius

It is one of the portable and small application for extracting information from USB drive that is connected to Pc. The data on the drive is not touched at all by this program and this was not in the case of other programs.

This software is used to read information from the flash memory chip inside the drive for knowing its true capacity and find out the details needed to repair the broken flash drives. There is no need for installation and by double click, this tool can be launched. The Chip Genius interface has two areas, one that shows a complete list of all the USB devices and controllers, and the other displays information about the selected device.

The program is run and find inside the device, the information about the flash chip. It is handy to extract information on a USB drive like the chip vendor and specific part numbers. Copy the other data on the line (Ctrl+C) and in a search engine enter it incase the capacity is not available.  For copying all the shown data to the clipboard click on the window. 

5. Quick Disk Test

This is a tool that fills a disk with test data and used to verify without errors it can be read back. 

For running Quick Disk Test, right-click on the.Jar file and then by selecting Open or Open with > “Java(TM) Java Platform Binary”. On the top you will find location Button. One needs to click it for selecting a drive. It totally on the user that what amount of data they want to write. For example one can fill the drive with 40 percent or any amount. One should start with a percentage covering some capacities or all that are in the fake drives like2GB, 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB. For filling the selected amount new data is added and no data is overwritten. 

6. F3

F3 is Fight Flash Fraud, or Fight Fake Flash. It is is a  tool used for testing flashcards capacity and performance and determine whether it is not fake and true to its capacity. The device is filled with pseudorandom data and then this tool is used for checking if the same data is returned. f3probe is the fastest way for identifying fake drives and their real sizes. On Linux only f3probe, f3fix, and f3brew runs. 

7. BurnIn Test

BurnIn test determines that the storage of   USB flash drive has the right amount of space as it claims. This tool is also used for testing the potential of the drive for storing and retrieving data without corruption. This tool writes, reads, and verifies large amounts of data to and from the drive, thus it is used to detect extra capacity and bad drives quality assuming that one already has a licensed version of the software. 

8. Media Tester

MediaTester is used to test any SD, microSD, thumb, etc, and verifies it stores space as claimed. The testing method resembles   h2testw but MediaTester helps detect fake media at faster speed by quick read. It is one of the best tool 4o verify the fake drives. 


Fake SD cards and hard drives marketing is increasing at a high pace and the tools enlisted above will help to know the real capability of drives.

All the tools write data on drive except Chip Genius. One should back up the data on drive no matter file is destructible or not as there is a possibility of data destruction during the tests. 

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