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✅30+ Ways To Access Blocked Websites In Offices/Colleges/Schools

✅30+ Ways open blocked sites online

Today, we will learn to access blocked websites. In most schools and colleges, several websites are blocked because the school administrators feel that they are not fit for viewing by the students. But, nowadays the offices also block some of the websites because they feel that these websites, distract their employees and it also affects productivity.

In many colleges schools and offices, the management use to block many social networking and useful websites due to various reasons. Even our favorite sites like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, G MAIL, MYSPACE, HI5, and FREINDSTER are getting blocked these days.
This article will let you know about the all possible ways to unblock websites on the internet so that you can access the blocked websites easily. By using the below-mentioned tricks you can unblock and open almost any websites on internet.
Here you go,


Many people keep asking about questions like How Do I Unblock a Website?, How I can Access to any Blocked Website? and so on.

Mostly the social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, etc. Now with the help of technology you will be able to access blocked websites easily. Here we will be discussing 15 such ways through which you will be able to view the blocked websites.

15 Best Ways To Access Blocked Websites

In order to access the blocked websites you don’t need to pay any extra sum, instead you just need to have the basic computer knowledge and you will be able to open up the blocked websites.

1. Proxy websites to access blocked websites

Proxy websites are nothing but of online proxy servers, Instead of directly connecting to the websites that are blocked at your place, you will first connect to a Proxy server and it will redirect to the blocked website and you can access them easily.
There are many proxy websites available on internet, I can give you a huge list of them. But these are most widely used online proxies.

How to open blocked websites using Hidemyass,

First goto HIDEMYASS website. Enter the URL of the blocked website in the Input Box and click on the button HIDEMYASS. Instantly it will show the blocked website.
You can use this simple method to access all the static websites and can access them quite easily IF even HIDEMYASS website is blocked in your college, school or office just pick any other proxy website from the above list it will work fine.

2. Use Tor Browser to surf anonymously to open blocked sites.

Using the above method you can only access the static websites, you can’t use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MYSPACE…etc. because social networking sites use the browser to store cookies and that can’t be possible by using these Proxy websites. So, here is an alternate way

Using TOR  you can browse anonymously on internet. Its most widely used utility for hiding our identity online. Just Download it from the below link and start using it

Download TOR

3. Hola browser extension to Unblock websites.

Hola is Browser extension available for all popular browsers, by using this extension you can browse on internet anonymously. Just check the official website of HOLA and install the browser extensions directly from there.

4. Use Proxy IP address in browser settings.

Few of the browsers supports to use the PROXY IP address in them. So that if you can surf anonymous using them. To use this you need Mozilla fire fox web browser and Proxy Ip address. You can get the huge list of Proxy websites from HERE.

In your Mozilla Firefox browser open the OPTIONS box and click on ADVANCED. Below the CONNECTIONS select SETTINGS. Click on MANUAL PROXY SETTINGS and enter the PROXY IP address (click HERE for PROXY IP address list), Port 8080 there and save settings. With this your browser will surf using that proxy ip address. You can pick and change the other Proxy IP address if that’s not working.

5. Access Blocked websites by Using Way Back Machine.

WayBackMachine is a through which we can know about the previous Look of any website from its archives. Enter the URL of the blocked website and you can even access the previous versions of the website that are blocked at your Place.

6. Use IP address instead of domain name

Collages/schools and websites normally block websites using some software’s in which they enter URL’s of the Websites they need to block, so that whenever if you enter the domain name of any website they will simply get blocked. So you can access those websites if you enter the IP address of the websites

To find the IP address of the website just open  your command prompt on your Windows PC by pressing
WIN+R > type CMD > hit ENTER.
Now in the Command prompt just enter the following code.
Ping (enter the blocked website in the place of
Now enter that IP address on your browser and you can access the BLOCKED websites.

7. Open Blocked sites using decimal code.

In the above method I asked you to use the IP address, but what if even the IP address of the website that you need open was also blocked??
By using the decimal numbers you can access any blocked websites, because none will even block the IP address in decimal. To get the decimal code of IP address using THIS TOOL
For example IP address of google is you can use the decimal format instead

8.  Take help of Google cache

Google store the cache of each and every website often. You can access the cache of any website using googles old CACHE. Just search for the BLOCKED website which you need to open and click on the CHACHE link below the search results as shown in the below screen shoot.

9. Using Translation web services

There are many website on the internet GOOGLE – TRANSLATE and BING – TRANSLATE like which will convert the whole page from one language to another. Enter the URL of the blocked website in those site and convert the web page into another language. From this you can convert the whole page into another language and can access it.

10. Browsing on HTTPS connection

HTTPS is nothing but of the secure connection, where data will be encrypted. This trick will work in many colleges and schools (This trick even worked in my Collage). Instead of using HTTP use HTTPS and try to access the website. For example you need to visit try and try to access the site.

11. Open blocked websites Using URL shortners

Normally URL shornters are used to shorten the length of the lengthy websites. By using such sites you can bypass the security and access the websites. Try using TINY URL MooURL

12. Get an email of the webpage using web2mail

Web2mail is a free site which will let you to get the mail of any webpage that you requested. Check the site for more details. You can get any blocked website as mail to you so that you can access them VIA your email.

13. Use VPN software’s and Unblock websites

VRN software’s will let you to browse anonymously, you just need to download and install them on your PC. There are both paid and free VPN software’s available. Here are 3 best VPN software’s that will allow you to unblock websites.

  1. HotspotShield VPN
  2. TunnelBear Vpn
  3. ProXPN VPN

14. Making use of the IP address instead of the URL

When the administrators of schools, office and colleges block the websites, they generally opt for URL blocking instead of IP address. Therefore, instead of typing in the website address, you can try the IP address. Want to know how to access the IP address? You have to type in ping followed by the website’s name in the command prompt to get the IP address.

URL of the site to get the IP of any site:

15.Using Proxy websites – Bypass Blocked Sites

The websites that you generally access is blocked so what do you do now? You can now access the websites of your choice through several proxy websites. These proxy websites connect to the proxy server, which then sends you to the website that is blocked. These proxies can be used to access blocked websites in school, colleges, offices etc. Some of the proxy servers are

16. Hola extension coming to rescue

This is one of its kind browser which you will find in almost every browser. This browser is put to use to browse the internet. In order to get started with this you have to visit the official website of Hola extension and download it from there.

17. Google Cache

In order to access blocked websites you can make use of Google cache. The Google algorithm stores the cache of websites which helps the users to view the sites even when they are blocked. You have to type in ‘site’ and then the address of the website that you want to view and it will come up with the search result. There you will find the option of Cache and when you click on it you will be provided with the right to access the website that has been blocked by the administrator.

18. URL shortener can be used

The URL shortener is basically put to use to shorten the lengthy URLs, but you can use online tools to shorten them and redirect to the sites which are blocked.

19. Email a good source as well

By making use of an online tool which helps in sending webpages to mails you can access the blocked websites from your Gmail, yahoo or Outlook. These mails supports html easily, so you can send the blocked sites to your email and access the same blocked websites from there.

20. HTTPS Connection – Unblock Blocked Websites

https is where you will find encrypted information. Instead of using http, try using https to access the blocked websites. It may work somettime to open blocked sites.

21. UltraSurf software

In case you are trying to access any kind of restricted websites then you can make use of this software. You need to first download the software and install it in the system and then start using it to browse any website you like without any restrictions.

22. VPN software – Access Blocked Websites Software

You can make use of ProxyXPN, Tunnel, etc. which are some of the VPN software. You can either download the paid version of the software or the free version then install it in the computer to access the restricted sites.

Must Read: Top 17 Best Free VPN Services

23. TOR browser

One of the easiest ways of accessing the blocked websites except for the social networking sites. You just have to download the browser and start viewing the sites that have been blocked in your schools, colleges and offices. It will also hide your identity as well.

Dowload Tor Browser Here

24. Wayback machine – Internet Archive

This is the online tool which stores the website cache and it helps you access blocked websites. You have to enter the website URL and click on Take me Back and it will take you to the desired page of yours.

25. Decimal code

Convert the IP address into decimal value and then use it instead of URL and IP address if in case both the IP address and the URL are blocked.

Here is the tool : Click Here



26. Google translate

This will help you to convert the webpage from one language to another just by clicking on Translate. Then you can translate it back into English to view the webpage properly.

27. Paid software

The paid software will change the present IP address to the IP address of different country and provide you with the access of various sites.

28. Portable browser

You have to first download a portable browser on your USB drive and then you can insert it in the computer which has blocked websites to access it comfortably.

I hope you enjoyed reading top 30+ Ways To Access Blocked Websites. Let us know your ways to access blocked websites via comment section.

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