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ISO Files are exactly the copy of compact disk allowing users to backup copies and digitally store them. ISO images are the archive computer files containing a scrupulous copy of the previous or existing file system. This article going to learn about easiest ways of the virtual drive.

It can be referred to as a clone of the data available on optical disk such as CD or DVD as it back up the data of the optical disk.

Windows have the potential in mounting these ISO files and by burning ISO to a blue ray media or DVD etc exact copy of the original disc can be made. ISO image files are even utilized by Microsoft also.

One can also write these files to a USB flash drive for installing Windows faster. The users can also be mounting and access these ISO files from virtual drive. ISO files are created using software and creating these files is very easy with the help of an optical disk and ROM drive.

It is used for the distribution of larger programs and operating systems as it can store all the files in one easily accessible file and later on users can mount that image wherever they want to.

Virtual drive software behaves and works similarly to a physical CD as it helps the user in installing software, reading and even playing the contents on the disc which seems as if it is physically inserted into the user’s computer.

Users can mount the ISO image file to create a virtual disc by pressing the right-click button on the ISO file and selecting ‘mount’.

A dialog box will appear known as ‘CD DVD drive’ in the device and drivers list. By double-clicking on virtual CD DVD driver one can gain access to these files.

There are several ISO mounting software for windows and Microsoft which are enlisted below:

1. DVD Fab Virtual Drive

It is a multilingual emulation application which has the ability to emulate up to 18 drives and works with images (DVD/Blue-ray images) that are created by DVDFab or other programs and mounted by Miniso DVD/Blue Ray format allowing the user to play it in a media player like PowerDVD.

Example- The users wish to play back up of their Blue-ray ISO image file on the computer then they can do this by mounting it with DVDFab virtual drive and through Power DVD they can play it. Users who have interests to rip and convert media are aware of this software.

2. Virtual Clone Drive

This software is a tool that works like a physical CD/DVD drive but is used to create virtual ISO images on the user’s computer.

This free window program can mount image files like ISO, BIN, etc. virtually on this drive and it will seem as if these files were inserted from a physical drive. This software has been developed since 2005 and is stable as well as compatible with Windows 10.

Users can mount the image files by pressing the right button on the mouse and selecting mount option available on the tray icon.

Option to unmount each active drive is also seen on the tray icon. This is one of the best virtual drive software and perfect tool as it is free and users have the freedom to enjoy a virtual drive.

3. Alcohol Portable

This is a virtual drive software in which there is no requirement to install it in the system and by a click, it can be easily added and removed completely. It was developed in the year 2015 by Alcohol soft.

Alcohol Portable is free for the personal use of upgraded versions and standalone executable software as it can be launched anywhere. There is no involvement of Third-party software and the user can install it from the USB drive or SD card directly.

Alcohol Portable is compatible with windows and 100 percent clean. It can emulate up to 4 drives and has the capability of accepting different disc images of different formats.

Removing Alcohol Portable is very simple. Users just need to select exit and remove the device driver and service option to remove alcohol portable.

4. WinArchiver Virtual Drive

This software is a professional virtual drive software. It emulates up to 23 virtual drives and a specific letter us assigned to each drive.

This software allows you to mount all types of files as a virtual drive and ISO file can be mounted with a single click. This software was developed in the year 2012.

5. WinCDEmun

It is a software used to mount disk images files in Microsoft or Windows. By double-clicking on an ISO file user can automatically mount the file to a drive letter.

This software holds several features like

1. It can support various virtual drives, data, DVD- Video as well as BD- videos.

2. There is no requirement to reboot after installation.

3. It has the ability to run on 32 and 64 bits ranging from XP to Windows 7.

6. Daemon Tools Lite

Daemon is one of the most compatible and best software used to mount ISO. It is absolutely free and is used for creating and burning images. It has the ability to emulate up to 4 drives and is works with almost all the image formats.

As the system will detect them as physical ones so this would, in turn, helps in making the work fast. Catch! is one of the most useful features that helps in sharing images over the user’s local network.

7. ImDisk Tool Kit

It’s a user-friendly interface that helps to mount image files of CD-ROM and thus creates different ramdisks having several parameters.

Its a complete package and an extended version if ImDisk Virtual Driver which makes this software easier to use and more compatible.

It includes ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver, DiscUtils Library which acts as a helping hand by adding several GUIs and other features.

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8. PassMark OSF Mount

This software is ancient but still works like a charm by allowing users to mount disk image files as a drive letter. DD, ISO, BIN, SDI are the supported images.

It is available in 64 and 32 bit. OSF Mount exhibit several exclusive features like ISO can be mounted as a virtual RAM drive, new RAM drive can be created.

It is a freeware tool that is designed for being used alongside Passmark OS Forensics. It’s free software that can mount various virtual drives and 11 image files formats are supported in total.

9. Microsoft Virtual CDRom Control Panel

It was earlier developed in 2001 then was upgraded in the year 2013. It is compatible with 32- bit not with the 64 bit Windows. This software is under 60 KB which includes a driver file, an executable and a Readme file.

The files that need to be run as admit are executable while the later needs to installed properly. This software can be used easily but a little bit of manual work is required for installing the driver.

10. Img Drive

This software is not so popular but still, it’s a lightweight tool that mounts the ISO image as a virtual drive. There is a need for installing a driver.

It emulates up to 7 drivers and six types of different image files are supported. The exclusive feature is that it can mount a folder as a virtual drive. This software is useful is supporting command-line options as well.

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