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In the world full of torrent users, YIFY movies torrents are safe harbour. It’s popularly also referred to as YTS and is among the sites. YTS is, in fact, an abbreviation for YTS is an abbreviation of YIFY Torrent Solutions. YIFY torrents possess all the best film torrents, music, and much more of such videos available easily online for downloading.

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Yify/YTS History

This site was started in 2010 about 10 years ago in Auckland and got famous around the globe. After a certain period of time, it started sharing piracy content which resulted in blocking of website in several countries.

To unblock yify and yts movies in your countries we have brought some fastest yify proxies.

Best YTS Proxies 2019

Why YIFY/YTS torrents are much more popular than others is because the huge chunk of audience it has validates that it has high-quality content and better downloading and seeding speed as compared to other sites such as Limetorrents, ExtraTorrent, Kickass torrents etc..

If YIFY/YTS would be to shut down, all torrent fans’ response can be predicted. Which is why YIFY proxy is always convenient and is available as alternatives for movies. With YIFY torrent alternatives, we also uncover the best torrent VPN that is always recommended to utilize while torrenting, downloading or streaming any material online.

yts/yify proxy

What is YTS/YIFY Torrents and why is it used?

YIFY torrents is an online piracy group that’s currently dominating the industry for quite a great deal of years. The team releases high-quality film releases. Gradually the team began their own torrent site and became self-aware of the celebrity and their outreach which resulted in them renaming themselves.

Getting a massive audience of millions per day, YTS films began gaining a truckload of focus including attention from governments who were on a hunt for the group owners. A suit was filed against them that was settled via bargain signed by both parties.

Because of everything that went right down, the first YTS group was removed from play, however, there’s a YTS proxy site that’s still up and running throughout the handlers remain unknown. The standard of the content is HD and fans continue becoming fulfilled.

What features make YTS / YIFY film torrents unique?

As mentioned, the YTS/YIFY website offers excellent quality pictures, with files. It’s likewise quite user-friendly, simple to browse, and download any document from it is simple and quick.

One thing that makes it exceptional when compared to other related websites is its HQ articles from encoding’s availability. This single variable ensures that you get the movies, which enhances your expertise.

Is YTS/YIFY Torrents Down Right Now?

YIFY-torrent. Org is available and working just fine with high functioning movie torrents. The proof is under, as checked-in January 2019.

It might have gone down a couple of weeks back due to server crashes or data migration issues but this YIFY movie websites are currently working currently.

Even though it won’t be the first time a popular torrent website has gone. It happens due to different reasons. YIFY/YTS websites have not backed down after several shutdown efforts and it still stands strong to this day. But having copied and YIFY proxy is imperative and a good idea.

YTS/YIFY Torrents Sites/ Mirror Links-Working List (Updated 2019)

Every popular website has its own clones and mirrored sites. These are not always the, however, with the use of FastestVPN for torrenting, these sites can do no harm.

Note: Third-party clones may be swindles or contain malware. However, with FastestVPN’s malware security feature, flow anonymously and keep all malware at bay!

Similar mirrored websites and to the pattern, a listing is as below with pictures and more about cloning. The YIFY proxy list is provided below:


SiteStatusSpeed            YTS/YIFY Proxy
Very High            YTS/YIFY Proxy
Very High            YTS/YIFY Proxy
Very High            YTS/YIFY Proxy
Very High            YTS/YIFY Proxy
High            YTS/YIFY Proxy
Normal            YTS/YIFY Proxy
High            YTS/YIFY Proxy
Very High            YTS/YIFY Proxy
Normal            YTS/YIFY Proxy


SiteStatusSpeed            YTS/YIFY Proxy
Very High            YTS/YIFY Proxy
Very High            YTS/YIFY Proxy
High            YTS/YIFY Proxy
Very High            YTS/YIFY Proxy
High            YTS/YIFY Proxy
Very High            YTS/YIFY Proxy
Normal            YTS/YIFY Proxy
High            YTS/YIFY Proxy
Normal            YTS/YIFY Proxy
Very High

We’ve manually picked the best YTS Proxies for you:

The following list is of all the best YIFY/YTS proxy sites you use, to unblock

Proxy websiteURLSpeed
yts.gs Fast
yts.pm Fast
yify-movies Fast
ytss.unblocked Fast
YIFY Movie ProxyYIFY Movie ProxyNormal
YIFY Torrent ProxyYIFY Torrent ProxySlow

Proxy permits you to enjoy all movie releases in HD and beam formats. At which the torrents / YIFY proxy users can look for movies based on year of release, calibre IMDB rating and a plethora of filters with YIFY proxy enjoy movie search performance. Proxy simplifies the process even when YIFY/ YTS is down!

We don’t condone illegal sharing of copyrighted files. Please see our full disclaimer and warning for new torrent users at the bottom of the page.

Is YIFY/YTS Torrents Safe?

Many try and tested it. Yes, YIFY torrents are secure. But through Google Transparency we assessed the site for assurance and outcomes confirmed that YIFY/YTS is safe as no such dangerous content was found to use.

The thing is it does not guarantee privacy from any third party or ISP tracking your activity. If the police have eyes, before torrenting via YIFY/YTS you are in trouble unless you are cautious and join. You will be made by connecting to a VPN anonymous and away from the radar of government authorities or copyright agents.

Torrent and feel free to browse without any fear with FastestVPN. Get your popcorn ready and enjoy your movies. YTS itself suggests before torrenting to avoid any copyright issues afterward users connect to your VPN.

The best way to download movies using YTS/YIFY Torrents?

To start with, to download movies using YIFY that you need to have a BitTorrent client like uTorrent, Vuze, or even Deluge etc.

I recommend uTorrent for features and its simplicity. As soon as you have the torrent client with you, follow the steps below to download YTS/YIFY Movies.

Step1: Download and Install a third-party VPN software or a chrome extension

Step2: Now click any one of the YTS/YIFY proxy or mirror sites above

Step3: Then look to your movie by using the filters and then click on the Standard either 720 or 1080p

Step4: Now click on the torrent file and open it using uTorrent. Pick files it has to give like background subtitles and click on download.

Your movie will be downloaded at the YTS/YIFY proxy being used by the maximum.

YIFY/YTS Torrent Alternatives

The increase in the business is definitely resulting in an increasing number of torrent alternatives emerging each day. Listed are a couple of  those as YTS/YIFY options:

1. ExtraTorrent
ExtraTorrent was a torrent site and could have made a superb YIFY torrents alternative had it been voluntarily terminated in 2017. There are, however, a couple of proxy sites floating around. is the most recent one for 2019 and it is up and running as of the moment.

2. 1337X
Since the one on our list of YTS/YIFY options, 1337x is an excellent choice. It’s regularly updated with torrents safe to say it’s much active. There are several mirrors for 1337x which you may utilize in the event the primary domain 1337x. To is down.

3. KAT Torrents
KAT Torrents is a search engine that is remarkably common, but it also was shut down eventually. Some sites that are proxy are operating that you can use as options. The primary domain name is current

4. ISO Hunt is among the oldest torrent search engine. It is running, Following fighting a battle. Even though you may see action as a consequence of users websites. But keep this YIFY films alternative.

5. LimeTorrents
Lime Torrents is just another fantastic addition to this listing of YTS/YIFY alternatives. You may expect to obtain the movies with a lot of seeders via this search engine. The present principal domain is

6. RARBG provides torrents and magnet connections for users. The website has a comprehensive list of torrents that are new and old. Additionally, it has a forum but creating an account is an invitation-only process. This will surely serve you well as a YTS/YIFYsubstitute.

7. The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay is just another entry in our YTS/YIFY list. Despite being a victim of numerous legal attempts to take down it, it is running again using the same domain:


We have compiled a list of yts and yify torrent sites. These are the premium proxies researched by out team/ If you find any of the proxy is not working let us know via comment section.

Stay tuned for the Latest updated proxy service also VPN deal. Black Friday is very near we are going to blast site with VPN deals and Proxy deals.