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Today we are listing out the top 11 best torrents search engine which are used to to download games, movies, books, videos, etc. Websites are normally ranked based on the number of hits. You may already be aware of many popular ranking systems. They rank websites based on the analysis of data collected from various direct and indirect sources. Plainly said, they indicate popularity of sites.

While popularity is a good meter in case of many sites do you think it is enough in the case of each and every website? When it comes to sites offering services the quality of service must be among the top criteria of judgment. Also to note are its interface, maintenance, and satisfaction of users.

The aforementioned criteria are very important while ranking websites that deal with torrents. Do they keep an eye on bad torrents? Is there a good community giving necessary feedback and suggestions? How much information it is about the torrents available?

All these questions need to be asked before making a judgment. We have tried our best to do that and have come up with this list of some of the best torrent download sites.



Kickass torrents answer all the above questions with a YES. The website has shown equal dedication towards ensuring the quality of torrents and offering help to its users as it has given to maintaining the efficiency of file sharing. You get to learn about file sharing and Kickass Torrents more from their FAQ page that covers a lot of questions. They also keep their blog regularly updated that receives good response from the community. It is one of the most popular torrent websites.

Global Alexa Traffic Rank :  80 


Probably one among the oldest websites offering torrents Isohunt utorrent has fought many battles for its survival. Being a popular website for a very long time has helped Isohunt enjoy loyalty of many users. They have always paid back with good improvements in service and interface.You can get here most popular torrent movies.

Global Alexa Traffic Rank :  1,972


The Pirate Bay Torrent has been switching its location to tackle bans by ISPs. Having had many such experiences in Europe they recently was banned in Argentina too. This does affect their speed a bit but they always been striking back. Because of certain reasons they changed their domain name now it ends with .si

Global Alexa Traffic Rank :  6,948


Extratorrents has shown good progress in terms of popularity. While this is a good news it has also made the site land in troubles. It is now a dust in the eye of rights holders and was even suspended by its domain registrar. Nevertheless, it continues to fight like most other torrent sites.

Global Alexa Traffic Rank :  323

5. 1337X

1337X  is relatively a new entry into the world of torrents but it has solid features. It strictly monitors torrents to eliminate bad torrents that give headache to any torrent user. In 1337X you can shed your worries and enjoy a large collection of good torrents. You can search for files or browse the various categories.

Global Alexa Traffic Rank :  2,107


Rarabg has a very simple and easy to use interface. The trending torrents are listed under various categories along with the number of seeders, leechers, age of the torrents and size. You can search or browse categories listed in the top bar.

Global Alexa Traffic Rank : 1,752 


Launched in 2003 Torrentz is like a search engine for torrent sites. If unsure your favorite torrent site has the particular file you are looking for search on It will list the various sites that have it along with all the necessary details that help you decide which one to choose. It is available under various domains like .ch & .in but the .eu domain is the most popular.

Global Alexa Traffic Rank :  172

8. YTS

The is popular for its high quality content. It is loved by people who download a lot of movies using torrents as it offers many HD videos along with perfectly synchronized subtitles. The interface is also very good with movies shown using thumbnails than listed. They also have screenshots, synopsis, IMDB ratings and info.

Global Alexa Traffic Rank :  767


Torrentus is also a new entry. Like many of the torrent sites Torrentus also comes with an easy to use simple interface. What is more pleasing is that they have informative articles that help us know necessary things about using torrents, staying anonymous and ensuring safety.

Global Alexa Traffic Rank :  8,294


Bitsnoop is a file indexer. Their robots check large amounts of torrents and tell whether they are verified or not. Names and other details of these verified torrents are further checked. They have a good rating system based on votes that is adjusted based on the robotic search results. A good thing to note is that they are very open about the technology they use. They also share their views openly with the users.

Global Alexa Traffic Rank : 8,294

11. EZTV

There are a lot of torrent sites for movies and games but EZTV is dedicated to TV programs. The interface is very simple but is tailor made for TV torrents. It lets us keep track of our favorite shows using calendar and show list. The TV news that they provide is also loved by many users.

Global Alexa Traffic Rank :  1,055

Disclaimer: We are neither promoting pirated content nor violating google policies. This is completely for educational purpose.:P

If you come across any new torrents site or torrents leeching site please let us know. Even if you need any torrent or any third party file to be leeched, do comment. Enjoy torrents! 

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