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TOP ✅ 80+BEST FREE VPN SERVICES 2020 | Fastest Verified VPN | VPN Premium Giveaway

Today we will share a list of Top 24 Best Free VPN Services. There are some sites that are blocked in your country, but you would love to see what is in there, so what do you do?

You can take the help of Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access those restricted sites and also browse the internet in a safe and secure way. These days it is hard to locate which site is a threat even when you have anti-virus loaded on your system.

Therefore, there is no harm in taking an extra layer of protection while surfing in the form of a VPN. We will be discussing Top 24 Best Free VPN Services in here to help you out.

Reviews of Best VPN Services 2019

Leaks Found
Logging Policy Speed
Unblock Netflix
Servers/Countries Max. Con. Kill Switch Jurisdiction
1. NordVPN No No Logging Fast Allowed Yes 4/6 5430/60 6 Yes Outside
2. SurfShark No No Logging Fast Allowed Yes 6/6 800/50 Unlimited Yes Outside
3. ExpressVPN No No Logging Fast Allowed Yes 2/5 3000+/93 3 Yes Outside
4. Perfect-Privacy No No Logging Average Allowed Yes 1/5 55/24 Unlimited Yes Cooperative
5. IPVanish No No Logging Fast Discouraged Yes 1/4 1200+/60+ 10 Yes 5 eyes
6. Mullvad No No Logging Fast Allowed Yes 2/5 299/36 5 Yes 14 eyes
7. CyberGhost No No Logging Average Discouraged Yes 2/5 3747/30 7 Yes Outside
8. Trust Zone No No Logging Fast Allowed Yes 2/5 158/31 3 Yes Outside
9. ibVPN No No Logging Average Limited Yes 2/5 180+/57 1-5 Yes Outside
10. PIA No No Logging Fast Allowed Yes 1/5 3335/33 5 Yes 5 eyes
11. WindScribe No No Logging Average Limited Yes 2/5 480+/58 Unlimited Yes 5 eyes
12. VPNSecure Me No No Logging Average Limited Yes 2/5 72/48 Unlimited Yes 5 eyes
13. BlackVPN No No Logging Average Limited Yes 1/5 31/18 7 Yes Outside
14. FastestVPN No No Logging Average Allowed Yes 1/5 70+/10+ 5 No Outside
15. TorGuard No No Logging Average Allowed Yes 1/5 3000+/55 5 Yes 5 eyes
16. IVPN No No Logging Average Allowed No 0/5 37/13 3 Yes Outside
17. Avast Secureline No No Logging Fast Limited No 0/5 52/34 5 Yes Cooperative
18. AnonymousVPN org No No Logging Average Discouraged No 0/4 336/49 3 Yes Outside
19. ProtonVPN No No Logging Average Limited Yes 1/5 345+/32 10 Yes Cooperative
20. AirVPN No No Logging Average Allowed Yes 1/5 209/19 3 No 14 eyes
21. PersonalVPN No No Logging Fast Not allowed No 0/5 300+/44 5 No 5 eyes
22. Celo VPN No No Logging Average Limited No 0/5 18/15 5 Yes 5 eyes
23. Goose VPN No No Logging Average Limited Yes 4/4 50/20 Unlimited Yes 9 eyes
24. VPNArea No No Logging Slow Allowed Yes 3/5 230/70 6 Yes Outside
25. FrootVPN No No Logging Slow Allowed Yes 2/5 30/18 5 No 14 eyes
26. Astrill VPN No
Some Logging
Fast Allowed Yes 3/5 365/64 5 Yes Outside
27. SlickVPN No No Logging Slow Allowed Yes 1/5 150+/40+ 5 Yes 5 eyes
28. StrongVPN No No Logging Slow Allowed Yes 5/5 650/26 2 Yes 5 eyes
29. PrivateVPN No No Logging Slow Allowed Yes 5/5 84+/61 6 Yes 14 eyes
30. TunnelBear No No Logging Average Allowed No 0/5 350+/22+ 5 Yes 5 eyes
31. LiquidVPN No
Some Logging
Average Allowed Yes 5/5 40+/11 2-8 Yes 5 eyes
32. HotSpot Shield No
Some Logging
Average Allowed Yes 1/5 500+/24 5 Yes 5 eyes
33. PrivateTunnel No Grey Area Fast Not allowed No 0/5 22/12 3 – Unlimited No 5 eyes
34. Avira Phantom No Grey Area Slow Allowed Yes 1/5 38/38 Unlimited No 14 eyes
35. BolehVPN No
Some Logging
Fast Discouraged Yes 1/6 35/12 3 Yes Outside
36. Buffered No
Some Logging
Average Allowed Yes 1/5 46/42 5 Yes Outside
37. VyprVPN No
Some Logging
Fast Discouraged Yes 2/5 700/64 3-5 Yes Cooperative
38. SwitchVPN No Grey Area Average Allowed Yes 1/5 150/32 5 Yes 5 eyes
39. VPNTunnel No Grey Area Average Allowed Yes 2/5 43/31 5 No Outside
40. SpyOFF No Grey Area Slow Allowed Yes 1/4 300/24 Unlimited Yes Outside
41. SaferVPN No Grey Area Fast Limited Yes 2/5 700/34 5 Yes 5 eyes
42. Cactus VPN No No Logging Average Limited No 0/5 23/14 5 Yes Outside
43. OneVPN No No Logging Slow Allowed No 0/5 390+/59 3 No Outside
44. VPN ac No Grey Area Fast Limited No 0/5 32/21 6 Yes Outside
45. ZoogVPN No Grey Area Average Allowed Yes 1/5 27+/18 5 No 5 eyes
46. ProxPN No No Logging Slow Allowed No 0/5 21/4 1 Yes 5 eyes
47. Hide All IP No No Logging Slow Allowed Yes 3/5 150+/30+ 1 Yes 5 eyes
48. BitDefender VPN No Grey Area Slow Allowed Yes 3/6 40/26 1-10 No Outside
49. Browsec VPN No No Logging Slow Not working Yes 2/5 400/36 5 Yes Russia
50. Hide Me VPN No No Logging Slow Limited No 0/5 160+/34 5 Yes Outside
51. Hide My IP No
Some Logging
Fast Allowed No 0/5 117/66 5 Yes 5 eyes
52. HideMyAss! No
Some Logging
Fast Limited Yes 1/5 950+/190+ 5 Yes 5 eyes
53. PureVPN No
Some Logging
Average Limited No 0/5
5 Yes Outside
54. AVG VPN No
Some Logging
Slow Limited Yes 1/5 50/36 1 Yes Outside
55. TigerVPN No
Some Logging
Slow Limited Yes 1/5 300+/42 5 No Outside
56. Encrypt Me No
Some Logging
Average Not allowed Yes 2/3 43/15 Unlimited Yes 5 eyes
57. SurfEasy No
Some Logging
Average Allowed Yes 2/4 1000+/28 5 No 5 eyes
58. Norton Wifi Privacy No
Some Logging
Fast Not allowed Yes 3/4 ??? 1-10 No 5 eyes
59. Anonymizer VPN No
Some Logging
Slow Allowed Yes 1/2 2/2 6 Yes 5 eyes
60. Kaspersky VPN No
Some Logging
Average Not allowed No 0/4 ??? 5 No Outside
61. F-Secure Freedome No
Some Logging
Fast Limited No 0/5 30/23 3 No Outside
62. Yes No Logging Average Allowed Yes 5/5 128/24 3 No Outside
63. DotVPN Yes Grey Area Slow Not allowed No 0/4 700/12 3 No Outside
64. Zenmate Yes Grey Area Average Not allowed Yes 2/5 298/31 5 Yes 14 eyes
65. BTGuard VPN Yes Grey Area Slow Allowed No 0/3 3/3 1 No 5 eyes
66. Ivacy Yes No Logging Average Limited No 0/4 1000+/50+ 5 Yes Cooperative
67. AzireVPN Yes No Logging Average Allowed Yes 1/4 18/5 5 No 14 eyes
68. Speedify Yes No Logging Average Limited Yes 1/5 1000+/28 5 Yes 5 eyes
69. Ra4w VPN Yes No Logging Slow Allowed No 0/4 32/22 2 No 5 eyes
70. VPN Unlimited Yes
Some Logging
Average Limited Yes 2/4 400+/70+ 5 Yes 5 eyes
71. Ace VPN Yes
Some Logging
Slow Limited Yes 1/4 48/26 2 Yes 5 eyes
72. SecureVPN Yes
Some Logging
Fast Allowed Yes 1/4 5/5 5 Yes 5 eyes
73. Hola VPN Yes
Some Logging
Fast Not working No 0/4 No info FREE No Cooperative
74. Betternet Yes
Some Logging
Slow Discouraged No 0/5 11/10 5 No 5 eyes
75. Hoxx VPN Yes
Some Logging
Slow No info No 0/4 No info Unlimited No 5 eyes
76. Opera VPN Yes
Some Logging
Slow Not working Yes 3/3 10/5 FREE No 9 eyes
77. TouchVPN Yes
Some Logging
Slow Not working No 0/3 25/25 FREE No 5 eyes
78. TurboVPN Yes Grey Area Slow Not working No 0/3 30/26 5 No Chinese


1. Vpnbook VPN – Best Free VPN   (

It is a free server SSL Virtual Private Network solution which is based on an Open VPN. It helps you keep your network connection secure by encrypting it. Just download it and install the client to start using it with the help of a username and password.

VPNBOOK is designed with the latest technologies and most innovative methods to keep you safe from prying eyes and hackers on the internet. Our VPN securely routing all of your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel to circumvent government censorship, defeat corporate surveillance and monitoring from the ISP. VPNBook strives to maintain the internet a safe and free place by supplying PPTP and OpenVPN service access.

2. Okay Freedom VPN– Free VPN Connection ( )

As the name suggests it provides you with enough freedom to access the blocked websites of your country. By keeping your identity anonymous you can surf the net comfortably. Moreover, you will be allowed to access the websites of your choice from any corner of the world. While surfing in public hotspots you can make use of this VPN to surf the net securely.

OkayFreedom VPN Premium hides your actual IP address on the internet and also encrypts your entire connection with secure 256-bit AES encryption. Sounds complex, but it’s super fine because you can surf the net anonymously!

OkayFreedom VPN supports 480+ VPN servers and offers a huge pool of IP addresses. OkayFreedom VPN will pick on the ideal link for you. If you want though, it’s entirely up for you: simply pick a host in one of the countries and at the touch of a button, then the Internet will presume you are in the United States, Great Britain or whatever you choose.

3. CyberGhost VPN – Free Vpn Services (

Though they have a paid version, but you can also make use of the free version of the VPN which offers greater bandwidth speed and traffic. You will get 200 servers are as many as 19 countries.

Cyberghost VPN is a partly-free VPN service which provides a number of solutions: browsing or torrenting anonymously, unblocking streaming and sites, protecting one’s Internet link from tampering while utilizing unfamiliar Wi-Fi networks, as well as customizing one’s configurations to accomplish almost any other VPN job you may dream of.
The Complete Monty

Before anything else, it bears noting that Cyberghost is quite simple to use. It is well worth considering yourself to obtain a notion of just how simple. Basically, all the most frequent VPN jobs are a tap or two off, so if that is the first struggle against Internet censorship, Cyberghost will make certain you acquire it fast and conveniently.

The program manages a use case that is common: streaming. Although a VPN is not suitable for time-sensitive gambling, Cyberghost goes via the intricate job of figuring out whether and in which it could direct one to streaming solutions (be they information or films ), which lots of VPNs can’t do.

4. Tunnel Bear VPN – Top free VPN download ( )

It is one of the easiest VPN services that you can get for free of cost. The bandwidth that you will get in here is 500 MB each month. If you register with your twitter account, then you will get 1GB of bonus data as well. The Mac users along with Windows users can access it for free.

TunnelBear is a subscription-based virtual private network (VPN) support and companion program, helping you to browse the Internet privately and safely.

TunnelBear is a well designed, fast VPN provider that provides everybody with a great quality service, including novice users. It has both liberated and subscription-based virtual private network (VPN) services and companion program, which enables you to browse the Internet securely.

Key Features include:

Browse privately: Secure your data and hide your IP address behind a bear.
Block trackers: Block site trackers, including ads, scripts, analytics, social button, which monitor everything you do.
Bypass country censorship: A TunnelBear can ‘tunnel’ you around censorship and blocked websites.

TunnelBear supplies a OpenVPN connection. It helps reevaluate connection speeds, Even though this is not as good as 256bit. For iOS apparatus TunnelBear uses IPSec. This is harmonious on Apple devices. It also utilizes shared IPs in order to further protect your identity.

To begin using TunnelBear, simply download the app, sign up using a username and a password and away you go. If you want to use one of the subscription services, you will then need to provide details.

In general, TunnelBear supplies support. It is not the fastest VPN provider, but for the typical PC user who’s concerned about privacy, employing a VPN service, for example, TunnelBear, is definitely suggested. The Free version of the service supplies you with 500MB of information (updated if you market the service Twitter).

5. Hotspot Shield VPN – Best Free Vpn client ( )

Hotspot is probably the most popular VPN all over the world which comes free of cost. It came into limelight by allowing access to Hulu even when it was blocked, thus proving it’s mettle. It also helps in providing you with the protection from identity theft.

Hotspot Shield is a VPN program that is superior and is a favourite one among iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows users. The software supports users by enabling them to geo-locked content or get regional to get internet. With Hotspot Shield, users enjoy the safety and complete privacy. Large security firms integrate the VPN’s protocols all around the world and have innumerable that were bypassed security audits.

The reason why users can be certain that not only are they anonymous on the net that is, their private data are also covered by high-grade encryption. Hotspot Shield also guarantees its users top-tier performance. The program has numerous servers across the world that function to supply tens of thousands of IP addresses to people to get absolute anonymity.

Hotspot Shield Benefits:

Unlocked Websites

Libraries, schools, and places of employment place restrictions on specific websites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Using Hotspot Shield VPN, they are able to enjoy these sites and averts firewalls and such filters.

Anonymous Web Usage

Walls are created by hotspot shield around the user. Because of encryptions, running activities is more private and protected since users no longer need to worry about being monitored or snooped due to their own ISPs, companies, and governments as well as hackers.

Hidden IP Address

Individuals or institutions and hackers use people’s IP address to track how the internet is used by them. On top of this, they could employ approaches via the IP address to acquire info about credit cards, bank account, and more.

By having Hotspot Shield allowed, users may mask their IP addresses by picking a remote or different location provided from the servers of the VPN.

Enhanced Online Security

With Hotspot Shield, users like boosted security online. They could rest assured that data, such as passwords and online accounts, are encrypted, they access the internet through the VPN.

Protected Public Browsing

A user is on a hotspot or network, the VPN program helps to ensure there aren’t any snoopers or attackers looking about the user’s computer or activities that are online. Anti-Malware VPN Besides its robust VPN security attributes, Hotspot Shield additionally protects its users. It does so by making sure that they contain no malware and monitoring a site a user visits. If they do, the program cubes the consumer’s security to double and keep them from infecting computers and mobile devices.

6. Logmein Hamachi best free VPN l2TP

It is easy to use and provides you with enough security to browse the internet. You will be able to manage it from anywhere you like and you can access it for free of cost anytime you like if you are using it for non – commercial purpose.

LogMeIn Hamachi is a hosted VPN service which securely connects devices and networks, extending LAN-like network connectivity to mobile users, dispersed teams and business programs. It is possible to easily make secure digital networks on-demand, across private and public networks. Hamachi is handled and preserved anywhere via the internet, securely.

Features and Highlights

On-demand media
Community printers, gaming consoles, cameras and much more, on demand and on the net.

Unattended Access
Run Hamachi from networked computers’ backdrop so that that you have access if they are unattended. Available with Premium Standard and Multi-network subscriptions.

Gateway Access
Provide remote users with secure access from a LogMeIn the program gateway, without altering network routers or firewalls.

Hub-and-Spoke Networks
Provide remote users with access from any place, to servers on the network, without altering network routers or firewalls.

Mesh Networking
Easily and Instantly make a virtual network which allows servers to connect to one another, thereby providing network access to the community resources they want to users.

You may expect safe communications utilizing 256-bit SSL encryption, over private and public networks.

Centralized Software Deployment
Easily and Instantly sending network client applications to computers remotely. Send end users a URL to download and set up the client to take part in a network that is particular.

Restore and Handle Networks
Manage and revive networks.

Client Configuration Management
Establish for customers and networks, together with support for minimum, limited and complete customer interface styles. Up to 256 customers per LogMeIn ID.

Centralized Access Controls
Utilization and control network access, such as network membership, network authentication, network locking, and management.

7. Get US VPN – Best Free vpn for gaming (

Secure and safe service is offered conveniently by the UK as well as USA data centers. It is fast and you will be able to access the sites like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon video as well as YouTube.

Get US VPN is a secure and private communication tunnel between client PC and VPN servers across public internet. By running varies the type of VPN software in client-side, all of the VPN data is secure regardless of the fact it travels over a public network. VPN implementations use strong encryption to ensure no packets have been altered. Among many VPN protocols, Microsoft PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol) is the most popular one with decent encryption and strong ID/password-based authentication.

No illegal activities allowed with the service. In case of abuse, users’ VPN access log is subjected to expose to related authorities.

8. SecurityKiss – ( )

You don’t have to worry about your data anymore if you are using this SecurityKiss tunnel service. It provides your data with the security that it requires by redirecting the traffic through a tunnel which is not penetrable by anything to the security gateway. Encryption is the key to provide high security in the tunnel.

SecurityKISS Tunnel is a Virtual Private Network Program based on OpenVPN and L2TP.

It creates a VPN between your PC and also the security gateway that blocks parties from viewing downloads your internet instant messages, surfing activities, credit card information or anything that you send over the web. The app’s servers are currently representing you and your actual IP address is confidential.

SecurityKISS Tunnel diverts all of your online information over a bulletproof tunnel to the security gateway so all your online activities (emails, internet browsing, VoIP, instant messages, social networking) are encrypted.

-Smart and Simple

– Easy to use
– No usernames, No registration, No passwords
– Download, Install, Connect – and you are secured
– Long server list
– OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec protocols
– All programs compatible
– High anonymity – just minimum information logged

9. Spotflux Lite Spotflux Download

It is a browser add-on which starts its operation when you start browsing, but this is not applicable for Skype. This is only available for Google Chrome at this moment but is expected that they will soon venture into other browsers as well. It is mainly used for keeping the data and everything secured so that even when you are browsing in public hotspot you will not have to fear about the security. There are some limitations too, and one of them is that it is made available in the USA only though other countries are also considered.

Free VPN Service Provider

Spotflux is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) software Application that encrypts your Internet connection in Order to surf the world wide web anonymously and safely. Spotflux is simple to install and can be used anywhere you can connect to the web. A VPN a Secure connection between your personal computer. The encrypted Connection provides two advantages: security and anonymity from hackers. Sites won’t see your site when you browse the world wide web. They will see the positioning of this Remote server you’re currently using to tunnel your visitors.

With businesses and so many sites keeping track of Your place, surfing info that is private and behaviour, this layer of security can help your Life remain confidential. Open Wi-Fi networks, like resorts, restaurants, cafes and airports, are prime targets Monitor traffic and steal information which isn’t transmitted. With Spotflux your visitors will look as A stream of information that is encoded. Will probably be shielded, such as email, chat, web Downloading and surfing. 1 benefit to Spotflux is the version that is free has no bandwidth constraints, so You’ve Got infinite access. Some paid apps put limitations.

YB.VPN is and User-friendly using a configure Hotspot Shield Elite Establish a link and unblock Sites at no cost Adobe Flash Player Browser plug in and Application environment which Supports FLASH documents Safeguards your computer there are on

10. Packetix – Free VPN Download ( )

It is a Japanese technology, which you can make use for free of cost. This is developed by SoftEther Corporation. You can create a hub all by yourself and use it for free and if required you will also be able to configure it easily. Remote connection can be created using this VPN in your home or you can unite the local networks that are available at various sites. It has a simple web interface making your navigation easy.

PacketiX VPN Client English is a software program developed by SoftEther. Upon being installed, the software adds a Windows Service which is intended to run in the background. Stopping the service has been found to cause the program to stop functing properly. It adds a background control service that is set to automatically run. Delaying the start of the service is possible by means of the service manager. The program is intended to link to the Internet and provides a Windows Firewall exception to be able to do so without being interfered with.

11. Vpngate VPN – ( )

Vpngate service is constrained by many VPN servers. These servers are provided by volunteers around the globe. It supports all the platforms like Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows. It supports SSL, L2TP, OpenVPN, Microsoft SSTP. Without registration, you can use this service. Each VPN server is configured with a dynamic IP address. So it keeps on changing at random period.

VPN Gate Client Plug-in is based on SoftEther VPN client to be able to conceal your IP address while you’re browsing online, thus facilitating access to services that are otherwise restricted in your area.

SoftEther VPN is a bundle that lets you make a habit VPN topology, being constituted of a technology. VPN Gate Client Plug-in is an add-in for the customer side of SoftEther VPN which ensures anonymity that is online.

Install the plugin in SoftEther VPN to get complete anonymity
The plugin comes wrapped up inside a bundle that includes the SoftEther client you won’t be required to download it. The installation ends allowing you to get acquainted with the program instantly.

The plugin appears as a VPN connection within SoftEther VPN’s primary window; double-clicking it’s going to open a new window in which a list of VPN relay servers is displayed, allowing you to pick the one you wish to link to.

Select a host and hide your real IP address
The list includes a variety of servers that are presented alongside bandwidth, area, IP address, line rate and so forth. As a side note, it’s recommended that you select a VPN server so that server downtimes aren’t experienced by you.

As soon as you’ve selected one and connected to it successfully, you will have the ability to enjoy a wide selection of benefits, including the elimination of area restrictions for solutions like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc..

You’ll find a state of invisibility, we may add, which spied on and means you can learn more about the web without being tracked.

Provides entry to Asian servers over European ones
But the majority of the servers which VPN Gate Client Plug-in relies on are located in Japan and Korea and few throughout the united states and Europe, which limits its audience.

12.Nord VPN-(

NordVPN is a personal virtual private network (VPN) service provider. It’s an application for Android TV programs for Android and iOS, as well as applications for Linux, Windows and macOS. Manual setup is available for NAS devices wireless routers and platforms.

NordVPN relies on  Panama, as the nation doesn’t take part in the Five Eyes or Fourteen Eyes alliances and has no mandatory data retention legislation. An independent audit by PricewaterhouseCoopers has described the organization’s claims of not logging users’ information accurate.

13. VpnReactor – (

The VPNReactor conceals the place and the internet address. This permits the customer without dread of individuals monitoring their location, to freely utilize the program. The hackers have the ability to monitor the motions of their target clients especially when they have sites or obtaining vital information. A couple of people enjoy doing payments, and this is a standout amongst the areas.

VPNReactor program based on the technological advancement on the market. This keeps up the clients to date with the protection devices that are newest to keep off threats. One when you’re certain it meets your needs to discover the opportunity, examine it and only needs to download the program from the website.


Among the predominant features of VPNReactor is that it depends on strong encryption extending between 128-bit and 256-bit encryption to support a variety of protocols, for instance, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, IKev2, StealthVPNv2, StealthVPN over Email, SSTP, StealthVPN over HTTPs and SSH. Along these lines, clients are guarded at whatever stage they’re connected to the internet.

Server Locations and Bandwidth
VPNReactor 56 servers, and they are spread crosswise over 18 nations, such as EGYPT, US, AUSTRALIA, UK, HUNGARY, MALAYSIA, JAPAN, GERMANY, CANADA, RUSSIA, FRANCE, KOREA, SWEDEN, TAIWAN, SINGAPORE, and that’s only the start. In reality, VPNReactor has a server system that is tiny, nevertheless these servers have been put to pay important server place to enable internet clients to bypass geo-restriction and revel in access to some blocked web content. The business enables clients to change between servers with no limits or constraints.

VPNReactor gives clients unlimited bandwidth and also boundless speed to surf the web.

Platform Compatibility
VPNReactor has a service. The VPN customer is similar to Linux, Android MacOS X, totally perfect with every platform, and Windows. Additionally, the VPN can be used on a wide selection of devices, like cell phones, tablet computers, notebooks, desktops, Chromebook, Windows telephones, Smart TVs and gaming consoles (Xbox and Playstation).

Other Attributes
VPNReactor accompanies couple other attributes that any VPN must comprise, by Way of Example,

1-2 Simultaneous connections.

2-Dedicated IP addresses.

3-Owns its DNS services that are people.

VPN server areas:
United States — New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Denver
United Kingdom

14. Tor VPN – Best Free VPN Software ( )

Tor VPN is a free software application created by The Tor Project, a nonprofit company based in Massachusetts. Tor allows users to anonymize their Internet traffic, making it a helpful tool for human rights defenders and journalists who may be targeted online. Today a lot of people use Tor every day, from victims of domestic violence to high profile whistleblowers and activists. Edward Snowden utilized a combination of Tor and PGP to communicate classified information about the NSA with The Guardian.

With Tor, you can also connect to concealed services called onion sites, that are only reachable through the Tor network. ProtonMail, for example, has its own onion site. These can be helpful for bypassing regional censorship.

Your Internet link is encrypted and bounced among multiple Tor servers operated by volunteers around the world when you join the Tor anonymity system. Unless the entire Tor system (or a significant fraction) of it’s being tracked, a third party will not be able to spot the actual IP address of the Tor user. Websites that you visit just see the IP address of the Tor exit node (the last node from the Tor network your traffic moves through), and not your real IP.

15. USA IP VPN – Top Free Vpn ( )

USA IP VPN provides anonymity and safety for people who wish to browse the net from hackers and government agencies telling them if they’re online, exactly what they can and cannot do. Just up to you need with the support, and also once you’re on a WiFi connection feel secure.

The agency has servers in nations around the world, and consumers may pick from several protocols such as L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN. Once you utilize the machine, you may enjoy traffic. This may be a fantastic solution for people who wish to stream films, tv shows, and movies. We have discovered that the rates with the support aren’t bad in any way.

Installation is straightforward also, plus they have a installation FAQ on their website. It is all done automatically, so there’s not any manual installation which is fine for people who have limited experience but that want to stay anonymous and safe whenever they’re online.

USA IP VPN functions with distinct kinds of systems such as Mac OSX, Windows, iPad, iPhone, Linux, and Android. Additionally, it may work with WiFi routers that are specific. You can surf securely and anonymously

16. Perfect Privacy– Best Free VPN Ever (

Perfect Privacy has a very short and clear logging policy: “we do not record or log any user traffic so potential sharing such data with third parties is technically impossible. We do not store IP addresses, access times or duration, nor bandwidth caused by individual users.” There is no logging of your actions on the internet, or of any session information (times you have connected, bandwidth used etc ).

The business records the load but nothing which may relate to a particular account or how it’s being used.

Contrary to TunnelBear, VyprVPN and some other leading VPNs, Perfect Privacy has never had its systems publicly audited, which means there is no way for prospective customers to confirm that it is living up to its privacy promises.

Perfect Privacy’s long history in the business and obvious experience count in its favor, however, and overall, we see no reason to doubt what the business is currently saying.

17. Trust Zone – (

Trust Zone VPN is Anonymous VPN Services. With Trust Zone VPN you are able to conquer censorship, skip geo-restrictions, unblock any website.

Trust Zone doesn’t store any logs of the users. It takes anonymous BitCoin payments. With Trust.Zone VPN you have the ability to watch local TV, skip geo-restrictions, unblock VOIP applications, download files safely and protect your online identity and data. Your ISP and visited sites see IP addresses of Trust Zone VPN servers with encrypted traffic. All content transfers, shared media, chats are safe! Trust Zone also prevents your ISP from tracking your every move. Trust Zone VPN is available for all platforms – Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and more. It provides users with unlimited traffic and unlimited bandwidth.

18. Express VPN – (

ExpressVPN is a powerful VPN. It comes to improve your privacy and utilizes encryption, such as DNS flow checker plus a kill button.

ExpressVPN is a VPN which goes the excess mile. ExpressVPN track traffic so that your action is your organization or won’t ever keep activity logs. Additionally, it provides some of the VPN server rates with a Smart Location attribute to link your server place and you.

Key attributes include:

Anonymous VPN.
Military-grade encryption.
140+ places in 94 nations.
Compatible with hot third-party apparatus and applications.
Anonymous payment choices.
Dedicated programs for every single gadget.
30-day money-back guarantee.
24/7 live customer care.
ExpressVPN is a selection of VPN with loads of alternatives. ExpressVPN is compatible with a vast assortment of applications and popular apparatus, such as Amazon Fire Kodi, Xbox, and much more.

ExpressVPN permits you to connect up simultaneously which means that you are able to all guard tablet computer, telephone, and your desktop, all at precisely the exact same moment. For security, ExpressVPN supplies router programs that are dedicated to update the security on each apparatus in your house.

ExpressVPN is. With its own Smart Location attribute, and more than 140 locations in 94 nations, ExpressVPN can offer some of the server rates to you. , try it and download Express VPN using 24/7 live customer care and a money-back guarantee.

19. IPVanish VPN – (

IPVanish Software can represent an ideal solution for people who have been looking for a package that can effectively hide their IP address from third party users. This can provide additional levels of privacy and such systems are employed to access and to download movies.
Primary Uses and Main Features

IPVanish Software is robust in relation to the networks it can get. There are over 40,000 nodes and IP addresses found on no fewer than 850 individual servers. Thus, over 60 countries around the world can utilise this service to become anonymous when surfing the Internet. It should also be noted that the majority of VoIP systems may use this software bundle. This will often be advantageous within work environments or if the dialogue between two parties needs to remain confidential. There are numerous pricing plans available.

20.Surfshark – (

Surfshark is the ideal VPN for you if you are concerned about your security online. It’s intuitive and quick, since it is made by actual digital security nerds (so that you do not need to be one). Kick back and relax – peace of mind is just a few clicks away using the VPN for you.

Please, notice that Surfshark VPN is a service that is paid, and you’ll be billed for your subscription, once you use your free trial.

The best VPN ought to be simple to use? With Surfshark, it takes 1 click to secure your life! Additionally, the best VPN does not slow down your phone and works really fast (otherwise, we simply could not say it is the best VPN whatsoever ). In actuality, if your supplier slows down your rate when you are watching videos, together with Surfshark best VPN, you will become speed that is better.

21. Windscribe VPN-(

Windscribe VPN is a VPN client and firewall that protects your internet connection, which means wherever you are you can surf safely. It encrypts your online activity and hides your IP address, which means you can quickly and easily access blocked or censored content.

Windscribe VPN is a powerful online security and privacy solution for your Windows computer. It encrypts and protects data and your personal information, keeping it safe from hackers. You can also add another layer of protection with Windscribe’s browser VPN clients for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, for security.

Key features include:

Secure Wi-Fi connection.
Privacy protection.
Anonymous browsing.
Access blocked content.
Protection from hackers.
Fast and secure online access.
Easy to use.

22. Private Internet Access – (

Your data online and protecting yourselves is a big topic at the moment, news of misuse and information breaches are getting more and more common. One of the most effective methods of protecting yourself and the simplest is to use a virtual private network or VPN.

Personal Internet Access is top of its game when it comes to providing VPN access. Personal Internet Access comes packed with multiple layers of security. IP Cloaking, Encryption, Identity Protection and just a few.

No visitors logs
Instant Setup
P2P Support
5 devices simultaneously
Block advertisements, trackers, and malware
Unlimited Bandwidth
3402+ Servers in 33 Countries

Private Internet Access lets users connect 5 devices at the exact same time, and they supply software for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Cloak your IP and place by link to one and the list of servers is growing.

Overall, Private Internet Access provides the necessary security protection required to keep yourselves and your family safe online. Private Internet Access offers a free trial, click on the link above and try it out!

23.Strong VPN -(

StrongVPN is a fast and easy tool for boundless privacy online. Protect your Android, mobile devices, desktop, routers, and more from ISP spying and cybercrime as you use vulnerable Wi-Fi networks. The extra capability to bypass censorship and restrictions from hundreds of places around the planet, all while staying protected and confidential with the VPN. Established in 1995, StrongVPN is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the VPN industry.

Privacy On All Devices
StrongVPN is supported on a wide array of devices, including iOS, Windows, macOS, Android, routers, and much more. Get started with our VPN installation guides to start securing your internet connection. So that you won’t need to sacrifice the privacy of one device for another, we also permit you to have twelve connections.

Trustworthy Zero Logging
Your privacy is our priority. Contrary to VPNs, StrongVPN will never track, store, or spy on your data as you’re connected to our VPN. We own our secure server system, meaning that your private information is protected from any third parties.

Fast Server Network
Our network optimization makes our VPN deliver the fastest speeds, all while continuing to secure your surfing activity. Enjoy the internet with the fastest encryption.

24. Vypr VPN – (

Take back your Internet privacy with VyprVPN. Connect easily on any device to secure your web connection and protect your identity with anonymous browsing on a virtual private network. Stream global content and enjoy unlimited Internet access without download caps from anywhere around the world.


Check out some of VyprVPN’s features:

3 Day Trial

Get VyprVPN at no risk. Try our safe and private connection with no commitments and easy cancellation.

Independently Audited for Zero Logging

VyprVPN is a certified and independently audited No Log VPN, with absolutely none of your private data or activity being transmitted, monitored, or exposed to third parties. We respect the intent of No Logs and we will never allow the personal information of our users to be exposed or misused.

Access Unlimited Content

Unblock your favourite content with a secure connection. Download your shows and movies from the USA and around the world with no data caps. No matter where you are, we’ve got you covered. Get past location firewalls and watch the best streaming content.

70+ Global Server Locations

With 70+ worldwide server locations across 6 continents, 700+ servers and 200,000+ global IPs, you have all the flexibility to virtually access the internet from anywhere around the globe – while bypassing ISP blocks.

No Shady 3rd Parties

We own, engineer and manage our VPN servers so we can deliver fast and reliable connections with the highest level of security

Conclusion: Best VPN 2019

If you are downloading something illegal then VPN is the best solution to download any illegal content which keeps your identity safe and protected. It keeps your IP information private.

Let us know via comment section if you know best vpn after the list given in the above article.


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