Nowadays the burning question is how to block spam mails.  Spam filters have got much better, but a lot of unwanted email still gets through. Even many people keep posting n asking everywhere How to stop getting spam emails, How to Block Spam On Yahoo etc.

This can be done by using Maskme plugin explained here. This plugin will help you to discontinue future messages which are coming to your inbox with SPAM label. Set up MaskMe to hide your real email address, remember your password and block unwanted messages. This article will help you to Anti Spam your inbox.


Step 1. Install MaskMe ( and create an account. Register your real name and email address. Next time you go to create an online account, click the email box. You’ll get the option to either fill it with your real email or a MaskMe alias.

Step 2. Click the Mask My Email option and an address will be filled in for you. Click the password box. You can create your own password or MaskMe can make one. The service remembers your passwords, but you can click a box to see what it is.

Step 3. If you find a website with a form that MaskMe doesn‘t recognize, right-click on the email or password box and choose MaskMe. Click Email to choose an alias or your real email address. Password can create a strong password.

Step 4. Click the add-on‘s icon to go to the homepage. Select Masked Emails for a list of the sites where you’ve registered with an aliasa Initially, addresses are set to Forwarding. If you get spam from them. click the button to change it to Blocked.

block the spam mail with source

Step 5. Click the Home tab, then Account List to show your protected accounts. You can set the software to remember all your logins and passwords or just those you’ve masked. Click ‘View or Print Account Info’ to see a printable list.

Step 6. When you get an email from a site you registered a masked address with. MaskMe forwards it to your existing email. so it will turn up as normal. However. A header is attached with links to block the mail if you think you’re being spammed.

There are many more plugins available in chrome store to block spam emails but this one is a best and most used plugin because of its user-friendly interface. If you are really in email business you can upgrade to the premium plan. Even there is also an application to block spam in your most favorite android.

Soon there will be article regarding blocking spam emails on mobile devices. I hope you will succeed to block spam mails successfully.


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