Categories: Tech Unblock Websites Blocked🚫|✅Best Alternatives to Download Torrent | 2020 Blocked, so what are the alternatives? in 2020 to download torrents.

So here we give you the information about the best torrent websites, which is similar to series Blanco. This torrent website allows you to watch your favorite series, movies, and anime of your preference totally for free, without charging you anything.

What Happened To

These torrent websites contain a ton of advertisements, that if you open these websites there are more chances of the virus to enter to your devices, but these websites are the only source or the best source of downloading content.

That’s the only reason these websites are the favorite way of users to download the files.

These websites are existing from 2003 and always have given their users the excellent service, but always with the detail that lately does not usually last long. This is happening because of the hunting of the pages that illegally share copyrighted content.

Wiki About

SeriesBlanco is one of the best torrent websites when it comes to watching your favorite content. Series Blanco has provided users with the number of series, movies, etc. Because it has served the market for a long time now.

Series Blanco is not only best in its variety, but also in its quality. It provides series in HD, dubbed or subtitled in Spanish and with excellent audio quality. However, this website is always in the spotlight, so for the safer side or more options visit some similar portals providing the same content.

Here are some of the best lists of alternatives for you to know where to go and watch the content of your preference incase your favorite website series Blanco gets blocked for some period.

Is SeriesBlanco still working?

As mentioned above, torrent pages have always been oppressed by similar authorities, series or .tv has not been the exception, only this if it has managed to keep active to date with a new domain extension.

So now the website is known as series So on this website, you can find multiple series such as Riverdale, legends of tomorrow and many more of your choice.

Series Blanco page has presented lots of problems with the platform. But users of the website have themselves reported that the website is facing problems that last a little more for 1 or 2 days.

But after this issue also series Blanco is your favorite website to watch your favorite series.

Here is the List of the best Torrent Website | 2020

Now if you know that your favorite website seriesblanco can anytime so it is the best option for you to know other websites or portals in which you can continue watching or downloading your favorite content without facing any issues.

So for that reason, we are providing you with the best website to continue downloading torrents in case your favorite portal stops working.


After seriesblanco got blocked, one of the best websites is, one of the benefits of this page is you do not need to log in any account to download any content, this makes this page different from others.

you only need to log in when you have to upload any content. The only annoying thing about this page is there is lots of ads display on the page, which is sometimes annoying while going through the website.

It has a simple and easy to use design that makes 6 million user happy worldwide.


After Series Blanco got blocked, limetorrents has fairly easy to use interface so while going through this website it will be easy and simple to go through.

This makes 10 million users happy to use this website, this website contains more than 8 million files.

It has a collection of series, movies, anime, and books, most of them are verified, but for the safer side before downloading any content go through the comments which are given below the content, and you can also comment below your experience with the website in commenting block.


After Series Blanco got blocked, this website has something special and if you find any false torrents you will be get paid. This website gives you everything that a top website should give. What more can a website give?

This website will help you not only generate money without prior investment, and also locate better files. What you will get here is only quality content and that is the only thing million of users demand.

This website has largest database and they keep the database updated and verified by the same users.


After SeriesBlanco blocked, This website has gone through many changes throughout its history.

When it began it has named as PCT Torrent and then be closed and modified to the name: New PCT.

Again the modification happened after the success of New PCT, the name that the website has today is Downloads2020.

This page has gone through a lot of changes and modification of domain name, but still the page is highly recommended for the users looking for quality content.


After SeriesBlanco blocked, The website which provides content related to anime.

So are you an anime lover? Then this website is the best website for you to watch and download anime content, this is a favorite website of most of the users who love anime.

In this website, you get the content in several languages and in the best quality. Another feature that this page has is its large content library with lifelong anime content.

This website also has a nice interface that makes users more comfortable to use and browse the website simply.

What to consider when downloading Torrents from your computer?

The problem of copyright issue, another problem why these types of websites are very worried is because the files that they are sharing with the users can damage the user’s computer or devices, For eg: the websites mostly spread viruses to get personal information from them and then scam them.

That is the only reason you should take precautions before using any of these websites or before downloading any content or file from these websites.

You should use a VPN service that is safe for the users before using torrent websites.

Note: The information provided by us is only for informative purposes.

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