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Are you looking for techniques to unblock TamilYogi? Well, I have a solution for you-Tamilyogi Proxy websites. Then you are at the right place, here you are going to receive all of the information on How to unblock Tamilyogi.

Along with the Tamilyogi proxy websites, it is possible to easily unblock the main website. And if those proxies not working we have listed some easy alternative tricks for accessibility Tamilyogi.

In early days site was hosted on tamilyogi com but over the years that domain got blocked after they tried to do come back with tamilyogi 2017 (.)com and tamilyogi 2018. Tamilyogi isamini is the founder of the site.

TamilYogi 2019 Wiki

In a lot of nations, especially in India after the arrival of JIO and ISP, schools, Colleges, and areas that have Public Wifi have blocked torrent sites. And I’m guessing that is why you are here. But there are many methods that are a simple solve for unblocking Tamilyogi site and here we’ve recorded some simplest method. So you can get access to Tamil Yogi.

What is TamilYogi?

Tamilyogi is among the most popular Indian Free Torrent Sites. Torrent lets you download content for free and in a simple manner. Tamilyogi Proxy is one of a kind of website. TamilYogi allows users to download Hollywood, Bollywood, Telegu, Malayalam other Indian regional movies for free.

It is totally free to use TamilYogi and you may download movies that you want for free. But after some new regulations and rules, some issues were faced by them against the site. But have a solution below in the event that you would like to continue using the Tamliyogi.

Sites Similar To Watchseries With Proxies

After great success of proxy sites. You can check out other proxy sites as well

How To Download Movies From Tamilyogi?

Nowadays, people love to be up to date with all the current movies. Most people are crazy about Bollywood and Hollywood Movies. However, It is not possible for everyone to spend so much money on movies.

In this article, I will provide you with a solution to Download Tamilyogi HD Movies for free. But for that, you need to follow the steps given below carefully.

Is Tamilyogi Illegal?

Even though the site TamilYogi is illegal,  it generates a huge amount of traffic per day. People love to download movies for free from Tamilyogi HD Movies. There are a lot of other sites like TamilYogi that provide free movies that can be downloaded. These sites also provide the screenshots of desired quality which helps you to see the print quality before downloading it.


Why is Tamilyogi Banned?

It is established that TamilYogi Site is banned by the Indian Government Since it contains pirated content. But if you still wish to access Tamlyogi proxy to download TamilYogi site content, we will help you with that.

TamilYogi Proxy List 1 -Speedy Sites

https://tamilyogi.eu/              ✅         Very High
http://yogitv.com/              ✅ High
http://tamilyogi.me/              ✅ Very High
http://tamilyogitv.com/              ✅ High

TamilYogi Supefast Paid Proxy

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TamilYogi Proxy List 2 – Ultrafast Tamilyogi Mirrors

URL Country Status #
Unblock tamilyogi.eu Premium Mirror Online
tamilyogi.mrunlock.space United Kingdom Offline
tamilyogi.proxybit.pro Russia Offline
tamilyogi.unblockproject.icu Spain Offline
tamilyogi.prox4you.pro United States Offline
tamilyogi.nocensor.casa Germany Offline
tamilyogi.123unblock.fun United States Offline
tamilyogi.unblockninja.info United Kingdom Offline
tamilyogi.123unblock.fun France Offline
Proxy of tamilyogi.eu Premium Mirror Online
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You can browse the sites mentioned above for downloading movies from TamilYogi Proxy and Mirror Sites. Or, we will also provide you with another solution that is: Change your VPN. We will show you how to do that easily and in a hassle-free manner.

This article is purely for educational purposes. We do not promote any of the sites included in the content above.

How To Unblock Tamilyogi:

TamilYogi proxy

If any of the tamilyogi proxy sites don’t work then don’t fret, here I will show another easy working method. In the last article, We discuss Unblocked Tamilrockers Websites And Proxies.

Alternative methods are available for unblocking any website here in this tech world. However, a number of them are not easy. Some of the most easy methods that enable you to unblock Tamilyogi are given below.

How to Download Movies using VPN

If you have been using PC or Android for a long time then I’m sure you have heard about VPN. VPN is one of the tools that are used for concealing identity on the Web. Hence, it is useful to unblocking the Tamilyogi proxy sites. That alternative blocker or your ISP can’t able to understand what is the IP VPN provides you a virtual personal network.

Let me explain the procedure:

1. Initially, you need to download any of the VPN Programs on your own Android phone Or PC.
2. Then you need to choose a different country.
3. You can then check your IP Location by opening your browser
4. Now, select any TamilYogi site and open it in a browser. You may now realize that TamilYogi is unblocked.
5. There is a faster and simpler method for accessing TamilYogi proxy and Mirror sites.

TamilYogi Proxy-Best VPN Deals

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Tamilyogi Proxy Servers

This is one of my preferred methods for unblocking TamilYogi. But it is a bit dangerous to use.

These proxy server sites are available on the web too. They assist you to Hide Location and your own IP from the ISP or alternative Blockers. All that you have to do is open a Tamilyogi Proxy site and enter . Now that we have done this, it will happen without any app or software,and  you Unblocked Tamilyogi.
Some name of the Proxy Sites:

Tamilyogi Pro
Tamilyogi Fm

However, this method is too risky to use. I really don’t suggest this method is used by you.


There are some browsers that can help you Unblock Tamilyogi Proxy sites or Mirror sites. The interesting part is that you just need to open a browser and paste the site URL then your Tamilyogi site is unblocked.

TOR Browser can help you with this task. So you have to do is go on the TOR Browser Site and download it. It supports Android and PC also.

Tamilyogi: Over To You

You are now equipped with all the best tools to download movies for free from TamilYogi Proxy sites. And I am sure that now you can do it by yourself. However, if you have any queries, please feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

If there is a dead link found in the content, please notify in the comments sections. All feedbacks and suggestions are welcome.