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🎥Top 10 Best Anime Streaming Sites | 🎬Watch Anime Online | Latest Anime Sites 2020

The 10 Best Anime Streaming Sites have been listed in this article below.

What is Anime? Best anime streaming online sites?

Japanese productions that feature characters in them are known as Anime. The Japanese anime continues to be prevailing over the world by imaginative character, its fascinating plots and much more. The booming anime industry has aroused many anime functions available for viewing online, the majority of them are connected with the manga in comic books while the others are authorized by anime producers.

Additionally, there are anime streaming sites where you are able to discover videos, your episodes, and movies and enjoy these online. And the advantage of such online streaming anime sites is that it can be accessed by not just your PC, but also through your Android and IOS devices.

10 Best Anime Online Streaming Sites:


Kiss Anime is among the most well-known websites to watch your favourite anime. It dubs and records anime with English subs. KissAnime delivers HD content, and it is free of charge. Anime lovers spend most of their time on Kiss Anime. And I’m quite sure you have never come across anything more interesting than KissAnime before. It has an easy-to-use and simple interface featuring anime from genres like Comedy, Adventure, Horror, and more.

GoGo Anime:

GoGo Anime is a reliable website for viewers to download and watch free anime content. GoGo Anime is a streaming high tech anime website that mainly provides Japanese anime. GoGo Anime supplies access to a variety of displays, all of which are entirely depending on manga sources. GoGo Anime works in HTML 5 browsers that are supported and provides anime.


Chia-Anime is an anime website that allows you access anime shows out of the most recent ones and all time. The site’s aim is to make an enjoyable and to deliver content and flourishing community.

The same as other similar platforms, in addition, it has a huge selection of anime series which is made up of numerous genres, including Adventure, Aliens, Ninja, Fantasy and Horror, etc.


Masterani is one of the greatest anime sites where you can watch anime or surf online. High-resolution anime can be accessed on this site no matter what part of the world you’re living in. However, the incessant display of Captcha and ads brought in their lovers which led to its shut down. MASTERANI is also called as master anime.

Manga-Anime here:

The next place to watch anime online is on the Manga-Anime here website. You can watch the latest episode of the most popular anime. You can also see your favourite manga that turned to anime, on this site. Manga – Anime here also updates you with news about each of the anime series, like the release date of the latest episode, the description arc of the next season, and more. The site is well organized, making it easier for users to find their favourite anime series and allows you to make social media shares.

Anime Nova :

Animenova is also one of the top anime streaming sites. Has access to over million anime series all over which also keeps updating with time.

It could be intricate for users who want to explore and have fun. Anime Nova uses text links for all anime videos with very few images, making it uninteresting to go through.


AnimeFreak is popularly known for the best English dubbed Anime Shows.

AnimeFreak allows you to watch and stream your desired Anime shows in both original and dubbed versions.AnimeFreak is not just attractive by the site’s appearance but also has unbelievably brilliant features. The AnimeFreaks home page is designed in the Japanese Style using bright vibrant colors.


AnimeStreams is an excellent anime site to watch anime for free, especially for those whose native language is English . There is a huge section for anime with English subtitles available on this site. Anime is arranged in alphabetical order on the AnimeStreams site making your browsing easier.

The site also allows to fill in a form in case you wish to see an anime that isn’t available on the site. The site comes with an intuitive interface allowing you to navigate through the site easily. On top of that, it does not entertain or push any advertisement and flying banners.


AnimeHeaven is considered as one of the best anime streaming sites due to its organized library that you can use to look for anime easily. Within the main page itself, you can easily view the most-watched anime, with its latest episodes.

You simultaneously also have a look at the already existing episodes on AnimeHeaven. The site has an inbuilt chat box that allows you to chat with other anime fans online.


 Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime websites. It offers you the best Anime Shows with English Dub and English Subtitles also. Crunchyroll is no wonder one of the best sites to watch anime. This website is not just a site that provides the latest popular anime online but also features forums for fans to discuss their favourites and manga for people to read.  Anime on this site is not organized alphabetically but the thumbnails will guide you to choose the right Anime if you understand and know the thumbnail well.

The FAQ’s of Anime Streaming Sites :

Is it legal to stream and watch anime online?

Ans: Yes, it’s completely legal and safe.

Where can i watch anime online?

Ans. AnimeHeaven, KissAnime, GogoAnime, Chia-Anime, Materani are few of the sites that provide free anime streaming content. There are a few legal anime streaming sites but you would have to pay a certain charge in order to gain subscription.

Is Crunchyroll free and safe?

Ans. Crunchyroll is considered to have all sorts of streaming content like a “Netflix”. Crunchyroll is free to a certain extent. To get access to the whole of Crunchyroll you would have to pay a subscription fee.



I hope that you find this article helpful. The best anime streaming sites have been mentioned above after having done detailed research by us. The proxy list mentioned above has been distinguished according to legal and illegal sites. Whether you’ve been looking for free anime streaming sites or sites that provide legal content and you’re willing to pay for a premium membership to the site.

Bookmark our blog for more updates and hit these sites to watch anime online for free.

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