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📺CouchTuner Alternatives To Watch Series Online| ✅ Best Site Like CouchTuner 2020 | CouchTuner Unblocked

When was the last time you used CouchTuner to see films 📺 or TV serials? CouchTuner is a heaven for people who like to see TV shows and watch series online without any subscription.

Is CouchTuner illegal?

Most of us are aware of the fact that CouchTuner is not legal, yet its popularity is immense. But due to technical loopholes recently many search engines removed site like CouchTuner.

But, Individuals addicted to it are desperately looking for CouchTuner alternatives desperately. So, what if I give you all sites that do free streaming of TV serials and movies like Couch Tuner.

10 Best Alternative Free site like CouchTuner

So, for all the TV and series lovers from across the globe. We have brought you global alternatives to couch tuner alternatives. We also have proxies for rarbg, yts, 1337x. We do also provide proxies for kissanime and gogoanime



Here I present with among the best couchtuner alternatives. If users are actually looking for a streaming site like CouchTuner, then they must search for Putlocker. To Watch series online or anything, click to start watching movies and the link & you want. Users can watch films according to their region & that’s what separates Putlocker from the other site like CouchTuner

  • No requirement of producing an account or some other enrollment
  • No disturbance of dumb advertisements.
  • Impressive English subtitles.



Netflix is simply an online streaming giant. When it comes to watching series online or movies, Netflix comes into play even before a site like couchtuner. it is possible to enjoy premium Netflix, but the user needs to possess a premium account.

  • Netflix allows users to filter out the movies from a wide and categorized range.
  • Famously known as online watch series release theater.
  • The services of the site are not free.
  • Users should register to watchseries online.

The Dare TV

The Dare TV

We can only mention The Dare TV as the ideal platform for TV series & watch series online. You can click on a link and begin watching movies or see series online.

  • The access to this site is free.
  • This couchtuner alternative provides you nearly all TV series.

Vodly Movies

Vodly Movies

Vodly Movies is one of the few websites that impressed me. You can call it an improvised version of 1 Channel. Apart from collections of films and TV series, it features,

  • Much like CouchTuner, Vodly Movies has among the best filters.
  • Offers to filter depending on the celebrity
  • The assistance of the website is free.
  • User doesn’t need to log in or register to watch series online.

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An individual can enjoy watching because Hulu has considered the greatest place for appreciating TV series that is online. This effortless platform brings many TV shows and movies including displays.

  • You can also get Hulu account at no cost.
  • Films are available with HD prints without any interruption of Ads.

Los Movies

Los Movies

Los Movies are mentioned as another site like CouchTuner. Additionally, you can filter the films based on genre, country, celebrity, popularity, director and latest releases. Many movies drop on more than one list Considering that the site has a category record.

  • User doesn’t need to log in to watch series online on the internet.
  • It allows users to filter out the movies from a wide and categorized range.
  • Impressive English subtitles.
  • Los Movies users can face some unwanted links and pop up ads.



We can simply name Alluc as the best place to discover brand new movies. You may even get it if you are in need of seeing movies that are in the theater. Browse for amazing movies here to begin.

  • Brings the hyperlinks to the top resources that allow everyone to watch many movies & watch series online.
  • Locate new movies at a faster speed.

New Episodes

New Episodes

New Episodes is exclusively for the TV series lovers. As its name suggests, this site created for TV series lovers. It streams episodes of series in minutes after they go on air.

You can see all of the TV serials of the week as well you can hunt for the previously aired series in the search bar.

  • You can also filter results in alphabetical order.
  • Each of the providers in the New Episodes is free.
  • You need to log in to watch series online before obtaining the free services of the website.

International TV

International TV

GlobalTV is a free site. The site has collections of Canada established TV series. It’s similar to Sony crackle but with sundry series and advertisements. Although after login it’s possible to see the.

  • It’s possible to watch series, here without login.
  • Free online streaming for watch series on the internet.
  • The Wide selection of serials displayed

10 Best Alternative Free site like CouchTuner

  • No need of creating an account or any registration
  • No interruption of stupid advertisements.
  • Impressive English subtitles.

Unblock CouchTuner

1.TOR Browser

All generally prefer the TOR browser nowadays. Simple users can look out for torrent files & other movie content via the TOR browser.

Due to the TOR browser provides the standers of privacy & security everyone should use TOR whilst researching site like CouchTuner. TOR mainly protects the consumer from surveillance, tracking & censorship.

2. Get Secured while streaming with VPN

When streaming movies, some nations might block certain IP’s or websites, but using a VPN you’ll always receive a strong, secure and safe connection. You will be able to find the best and cheapest VPN providers here, for a comparison.

Pro’s of utilizing a VPN:

  • Bypass geographic restrictions on websites or streaming sound and video.
  • Watch streaming media like Netflix, SolarMovies, and Hulu.
  • Do not get tracked with cookies
  • Gain at least some funds online by concealing your true place and IP-address
  • Block advertisements
  • Guard yourself against being stranded while torrenting.

Con’s of using a VPN:

  • Cost a little bit of money (cheap ones can be found though)

Check out this also

[epcl_toggle title=”What is couch tuner?” custom_class=”” show=”opened”]The couch tuner mainly focuses on providing TV shows like Californication, America’s Next Top Model or watch series online.[/epcl_toggle]
[epcl_toggle title=”Is CouchTuner safe?” custom_class=”” show=”opened”]CouchTuner isn’t secure , and there’s a higher risk of downloading malware for your personal computer or mobile device. … These measures might help reduce the possibility of viruses and malware. However, your internet service provider will not stop from viewing your online activity.[/epcl_toggle]
[epcl_toggle title=”Is it secure to download Tor Browser?” custom_class=”” show=”opened”]Tor itself is perfectly secure , it is an anonymity system but it also does have it’s own firefox established browser bundle which lets you download it and set it up in a simple way. Tor is a safe download but assess the sha hashes and these, make sure it is the download the tor site actually meant you to get[/epcl_toggle]
[epcl_toggle title=”Is TOR a VPN?” custom_class=”” show=”opened”]in first impression, Tor network is similar to a VPN. we can say like VPN provide privacy & TOR offers anonymity. Insted of connecting directly to sources on the Internet, TOR passes Messages to and from your computer[/epcl_toggle]

The conclusion to Couch Tuner

CouchTuner is one of the most popular online streaming sites, but its alternatives have a lot to offer as well. In this article, we’ve listed the top 10 best alternatives to CouchTuner, and we hope that our selection of online streaming sites will help you enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies to your heart’s content.

If you have any queries, then please let us know about them in the comments section below.

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