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💻[Solved] Zippyshare displays “403 Forbidden” Error To Most of The Users-{Updated February 2020}✅

If you ever tried downloading things from the internet, you may have observed the website Zippyshare is a file-sharing community or website that is free of cost. It lets the users share documents globally without any payment. The website came into being in 2006 and is now viewed as one of the best file-sharing websites. Zippyshare is ranked under #500 in Alexa ratings.

There is an application on the website that lets the users upload files without even viewing the website. The site has a maximum limit of 500 MB for files and lets you share it among an infinite number of people. According to the unofficial reports, the website is accessed by more than 100 million users.

Zippyshare fans are not happy with the news that they have received over a couple of months. Months before, just in March, the site was not available from the united kingdom. It shows 403 Forbidden message when you link to the website from UK IP address. This does not look like an ISP Level block. After one more visitors from Germany has got the message. Users in Spain reported the same issue.So that they can back up their files to some other 22, they didn’t even get any warning.

Users from such countries are still in a tough position to access. The web site can not be accessed by them.

Is ZippyShare”403 Forbidden” Issue due to an ISP-level block?

This does not seem like an ISP level block. Every time an internet service provider puts a block on a site, there is a warning message that is received by the users whenever they try to access the site. In this case, all people from Germany, Spain and the UK are facing the same issue and are displayed the same message.

If you have some knowledge of web development, you probably know how to unblock a website from a specific area or location. This technique is used by a lot of their web resources,

The site is in certain countries, you may think. This issue might be due to some legal copyright issue. Since its inception, the site is used for spreading pirated contents. Zippyshare is used mostly to share software programs. Zippyshare might have red a warning from these states to block their site in the specific areas. This possibly could be the reason for the issue occurring. Even after blocking the site in three countries, they didn’t issue a single official statement on their part.

Way to Access Zippyshare By Passing “403 Forbidden” error message:

Since the Zippyshare site isn’t completely taken down, you can access the site from Spain, the UK, Germany, and all countries other than. You can use some VPN applications on your apparatus to make this possible. A number of VPN Tools are available in the market like Cyberghost, ExpressVPN, TunnelBear, etc. We have used this application in the past and we can assure you an excellent experience.

Step 1:-Install and enable IPVanish VPN. This isn’t a service that is totally free. There are some free VPN tools available in the market. But we wouldn’t recommend those because of security problems.

Step 2:– Run the application and try connecting with any server except for Germany, Spain or the UK. Try not to use any IP address from the European Nations..

Step 3:– Once your device is successfully connected, try visiting again. You’ll have the ability to access the website without getting”403 Forbidden nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu)” message.


Zippyshare has restricted its site access to particular countries. It includes Spain, Germany and the UK were copyright problems matter. This website that has approximately 100 million users, has most of the users from these countries. They can’t use their accounts and likely to shed their data. This was by a decision that is fast and with no warnings.

However since Zippyshare is accessible in all the other countries, it can still be accessed from these three countries as well. The only thing that they have to do is use the VPN software on their device and then connect to the Zippyshare website.

We hope this article helped you guys, Please let us know if you have any queries or doubts in the comments section below. Our team at Code To Unlock will surely get in touch with you and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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