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Google Pay Welcome Stamp 2020 offer | Best Guide to Earn Google Pay reward ₹2020

Just before few months, as an experiment, Google Pay launched Diwali stamps, which got overall a really great response by people. Exactly on that stage now just before the end of this year, 2k19 Google Pay has launched new stamp rewards for the New year 2020 under the contest, named as  “Welcome 2020”.

There were 7 cool stamps are there like Disco Stamp, Toffee Stamp, Selfie stamp, Balloon stamp, Pizza Stamp, DJ stamp, and the Sunglasses stamp which are arranged in a pretty funny manner just like The Christmas Cake.

Just like we saw during the Diwali offer season, you can send and receive stamps to your friends and collect them in different ways. By collecting stamps in a row You will get an assured cash price up to Rs 2020 directly into your bank account. The thing is you will have to collect stamps in a row so as you will end up making a cake-like structure.

Game Rules for “Google Pay Welcome Stamp 2020 for Reward

There always will be rules and regulations for games

Some of the selective &  important rules of the “Welcome 2020” reward game of Google Pay.

  • Need UPI enabled account

To go through all the further procedure the first & the most important thing is you need to have a google pay account by which you will have your own UPI id. Even if you are winning plenty of rewards on G-Pay competition then also without having UPI one cant claim for those rewards.

  • Limited Reward

One bonus cake will gift you a maximum of 1 bonus reward. After winning If you are getting more stamps you can share that to your friend & help then to reach their Christmas 7 layer cake.

  • Eligibility

Expect Tamil Nadu region & those who have won more than 9000 bucks already in this year from Google Pay will not be eligible for this Google Pay Welcome Stamp

  • The daily limit per google pay welcome Stamp Collection

You can earn up to 25 stamps per day, Based on this rule. Ya 25 welcome stamps per day that the limit.

  • 31 December 2019 – The Deadline

The Google pay Welcome Stamo offers valid only till 31st December 2019. 

How to collect stamps

There are 7 different stamps available and lots of ways to collect them! (Android device required for some methods)

Use Google Pay to pay a business, Spot or Google Pay user

  • For P2P payments, you can only collect 1 stamp per unique Google Pay user.
  • maximum of 5 stamps can be collected daily
  • The transaction amount must be ₹98 or more.

Use Google Pay to pay a bill or do a mobile top-up

  • Transaction amount must be ₹300, For bill payments
  • Transaction amount must be ₹98 or more, For mobile top-up

Invite friends to Google Pay

  • With a unique referral code from the Google Pay app, you can invite a friend. When friends enter your referral code you get rewarded for that after your friend makes your first payment. If you get a reward that’s the indication of ‘successful friend invitation’
  • Only one stamp can be collected after a successful friend’s invitation. (maximum of 5 stamps can only be collected daily)

Gift or Request a stamp

  • You can simply earn 1 stamp on your Gift board when your friends accept a gift stamp from you
  • Only one stamp can be collected after a successful friend’s invitation. (maximum of 5 stamps can only be collected daily)
  • No matter how many gift cards your friends accept form you but you will only going to get 1 bonus stamp for a day

Scan the number ‘2020’ near you using the 2020 scanner

  • Here for this the earning limit little increase which is a maximum of 2 stamps daily & this is the simplest way to earn the money out of all.
  • Listen to On-Air ads (which will be played on TV or youtube videos)
  • YouTube playlist for Google pay On-Air ads is below

Frequently asked questions

How to enable the stamp collection feature

Its simple In case if your friend founding any difficulties in enabling the stamp collection feature just suggest him to install the latest Google Pay version easily available on play store 

I can’t see the 2020 app. How do I get it?

Just make sure that you are using Android not the iOs system because this welcome stamps scheme is only available for android users & at the end don’t forget to update your version in case you are feeling any difficulties 

How do I earn stamps?

You can earn steps through any of the following ways:

  • Use Google Pay to pay a business, Spot or Google Pay user
  • Scan the number ‘2020’ near you using the 2020 scanner (Android only)
  • Use Google Pay to pay a bill or do a mobile top-up
  • Invite friends to Google Pay
  • Gift or request a stamp
  • Listen to on-air ads (Android only)

What different types of stamps are available?


I made a transaction but did not get a stamp?

For this, I think you should better look for eligibility rules for google pay welcome stamps for 2020.

What will I get if I complete the cake?

After collecting all 7 stamps & completing all 3 layers of the cake you will be surely rewarded from google pay with an amount in between ₹220 to ₹2020. there is also a possibility of winning a bonus prize if you are lucky.

Can I gift a stamp to my friends/family via the 2020 app?

Yes for sure user can gift stamp extras to his friends 

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So here it ends!!!

That’s it for today & that’s it for this pretty cool article based on google pay welcome stamps 2020. In the end, just wishing you all the best for earning ₹2020 bucks before the end of this year.

Wishing You a Happy New and Wealthy year ahead. but still, if feel there is anything left to tell then please let me know about that immediately in the comment section below 

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