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🏅 Firstone Tv|✅ Best Firstone Tv Alternatives 2020 | Sites Like Firstone | Firstone Proxy

Looking for Firstone Tv alternatives? Firstone Tv app is an amazing live tv app for streaming multiple online channels. Specially, during the FIFA 2018, the FirstOne Tv is one of the most streamed apps online.

You can watch all the live sports matches of your choice  for free on the FirstOne Tv app. The best matches that Firstone tv offers are that of Soccer, Cricket, NBA, NFL, NHL, and more.

Though, there are plenty of sites to stream through for watching live sports online, the FirstOne Tv gives you exactly what you want in high quality.

The premier matches that stream on various channels are also available for free on the Firstone Tv app. You can also stream through the Tv shows of your choice and have the leisure to watch them on your smartphones. 

What is Firstone Tv?

FirstOne TV came to existence in the year 2015 . The purpose of the site was to make it easier for people to have access to multiple Tv and sports channels free of cost all under one place. The Firstone Tv site happened to be very user friendly and easy to navigate.

Firstone Tv has nearly 2800 channels that are granted access to without any limitations. The site offers a wide range of drama series, web series, web series, games, cartoons and a lot more without much hassle.

6 Best Firstone Tv Alternatives:


Mobdro is one of the best entertainment apps that  lets you stream videos and movies for free. Mobdro is popular for streaming live sports matches. Mobdro is available for all the devices that enjoy watching online sports and entertainment shows free of cost.

Mobdro comes with a bookmarking feature that lets you bookmark your favorite video or movie so you can come back to it later. However, the premium version of Mobdro allows you to download movies or videos.

 Mobdro holds a wide range of videos on multiple genres like; sports, movies, documentaries, live streaming, and much more. Based on your search, it shows recommendations of the latest or best videos or content. 


Freeintertv is the most preferred alternatives since the time Firstone Tv shutdown. Freeintertv gives you free access to tv channels as close to the number of channels Firstone Tv gave access to. Works the same way as Firstone Tv works and has a great variety of channels in multiple genres.

The site gives you the option to filter channels as per your liked genre and the country. Once you choose the country and the shows you likely want to watch from the drop down box, your just a click away from it playing. You don’t require any extra plugins or third party tools to gain access to the site.


Hotstar, powered and launched by StarIndia. Hotstar came in as a blessing to all the sports fanatics and movie lovers. Not only does it offer you to watch sports live but also gives you access to watch Tv shows, series and movies you like. The best firstone tv alternative for people who live in Asia. Hotstar is avaible on android, Ios and windows. You can reach out to the site from your smartphones, Pc’s and tablets.

Sony LIV:

Sony LIV is powered and lauched by Sony. The site is a great choice if you are looking for an alternative that not only streams Live sports, scores and commentary but also has a wide range of Tv shows, movies and news. The premium version of the site definetly has more to offer.


Hulu is one of the popular video subscription channels available. Streaming a wide range of entertainment and lifestyle channels, family and kids channels, news channels as well as sports channels all of which are completely free. The premiuim version does have add ons. A great alternative to Firstone Tv, worldwide.


FreeeTv is also a great website to stream different Tv channels from different locations.  The name itself says that the website is free.  The website only uses google ads that do not redirect you to malware or illegal sites. Using FreeeTv you can watch Entertainment, Sports, Weather, Webcam channels and the list doesn’t end there. FreeeTv is a close replica of Firstone Tv.


Firstone Tv was liked and followed by many. In no way can anyone take the place of Firstone, but however since the time the site shutdown it has created a tremor to all the sports and movie fans who preffered Firstone Tv as their time saver, having everything under one roof.

The list of alternatives mentioned above are alternatives or in other words, substitutes to the orignal site. I hope the article was helpful enough and has given you enough options inorder to stream online live sports and movies.

Let me know in the comments section, In case you are aware of any other alternatives that offer great content as these.

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