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🎬Top Torrenting Sites 2020 📶{Updated} | ⏫Top Ten Torrenting Sites

We have listed top torrenting sites 2019. Every year many torrent sites comes in the market and vanish over the period of time. The big bang theory torrent is the most popular torrent.

Wiki About Torrents

Though music and video streaming, services are widely available today. There are good reasons you may want to use torrent sites. For that, they do not cost you anything and in addition to music and video. You can find the e-books, audiobook torrent, games and many types of applications and software.

Not only that, you can often find titles that are not, available on streaming services. Finally, most do not require that you register or sign up to access the content.

Best Torrenting Sites 2019

You can also check out other article on top 10 torrented sites 2018. These top torrenting sites 2018 were popular last year this is our updated article listed with Top Torrenting Sites 2019.

We are going to take a look at the 10 best torrent sites but before you visit them there are some things you should know to stay safe.

DISCLAIMER: Avoid fake torrents especially with the most popular content you will occasionally run into fake torrents downloading these can get you into trouble.

How To Stay Away From Fake Torrents

Try to stick to verified options which usually have something like a checkmark next to them. Another clue that a torrent,is fake is having a large number of,seeds and peers but no comments this,tells you that the account holder wants to make it look like thousands of users are sharing the torrent.

Extra Tip Tp Get Verified Torrent

Because it is rare to find a legitimate torrent without any comments their absence should make you suspicious. make yourself anonymous there are several methods to make your browsing activity anonymous on the Internet.

How To Stay Anonymous While Using Torrent

The most common and budget-friendly are torrent a VPN or virtual private network.

Tor Browswer

Tor is a browser that masks your identity, it is also completely free. The only downside to using tor is that it can be slow a VPN similar to tor can mask your identity it works primarily by spoofing your location the upside to using a VPN is that your internet speed will stay about the same the downside is cost.

Opera Browser

One free, alternative to subscription VPNs is the Opera browser. Opera comes with a completely free VPN service but it may not be as effective as more costly alternatives.

List Of Top Torrenting Sites 2019

Now that you know how to stay safe when visiting torrent sites on the internet. We can move on to the ranking before you visit these sites. You should make sure that you have a torrent downloader application such as Utorrent, deluge or,transmission.

1. The Pirate Bay TPP

It is a store of the torrent downloading world it has been around for years and usually has all of the latest content.

However you are bound to find fake torrents there as long as you stick to options with a green or pink skull and crossbones icon.

2. Rarbg

Though not nearly as old as tpb. Since 2008 it has,become one of the best and most popular sites.

It is known for its selection of high-quality torrents and active user community which provides plenty of useful commentary and feedback.

3. 1337X

It is another younger site. It is about the same age as Rarbg where the stock may be smaller than the Pirate Bay’s. It has a lot to offer. If you can’t find the torrent, you’re looking for on other sites on this list you might just find it here,[Music].

1337 x has a solid range across TV,movies and games the main downside is,that it can be heavy on ads.

4. Torrentz 2

Coming in at number four is torrentz 2 unlike others on this list. This site is an indexer or search aggregator this means that it performs searches across multiple sites.

Torrentz 2 is a successor to the popular torrents site which was shut down in 2016. It indexes some of the best torrent sites and it conveniently weeds out unverified uploads.

5. Lime Torrents

Coming in at number 5 is lime torrents though it is not as popular as some torrent sites. Lime torrents has a large database and an elegant design.

Users enjoy the fact,that it is fairly light on ads in it’s few fake torrents

6. YTS

Coming to number six is YTS a little, different from the others on this list. YTS specializes in movies. You will notice broad frequently updates in its selection of movie titles.

One of the best features is the higher resolution options with small file sizes. This means you will be able to get high quality content quickly.

7. Kick-Ass Torrents

Coming in at number seven is Kat also known as kick-ass torrents. This site once was beating TPP as the most popular torrent site on the internet until authorities seized its servers.

Since then, Kat has made a comeback and continues to offer a wide variety of quality torrents.

8. Torrent Downloads

Coming in at number eight is torrent downloads. Though not itself an indexer, it currently has one of the largest torrent databases with a simple design and a speedy site.

9. Zooqle

Coming in at number nine is Zooqle another Indexer like torrentz 2. It has a large database especially noteworthy is its design which organizes video files by resolution and orders.

TV show episodes chronologically users are enamoured of the fact that it has some hard to find content and that it’s torrents are almost always active.

10. Sky Torrents

coming in at number 10 is sky torrents another quality indexer. It boasts an ad-free interface. According to the site, its focus is privacy.

There is no tracking or use of cookies, though it is a large database and a friendly user experience the main problem is that the site is frequently down.

Unblocked Torrenting Sites

To unblock torrent site you can check out our other mirrors of torrent sites. Check the following list



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Wrap Up: Top Torrenting Sites 2019

Though many torrent sites have unpredictable lifespans they can be very useful. Especially if you are looking for content or applications that are out of your budget but there are risks involved.

Let us know your views on top 10 torrent sites via comment section. There are a few more working torrent sites. We will cover that in another article.

As long as you take the necessary precautions, you will stay safe and enjoy the many benefits of torrenting. Thesea are completely free torrent sites.

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