Facebook happens to be the most widely used and popular social media platform. Facebook Image Search tool is widely used for finding someone’s profile by using an image. The image could also be a Photo ID. You can also do the same process with Advanced Facebook Search. It is used by more than 2 billion users each month.

Over 200 million photographs every day are uploaded by users. If you looking to locate the profile or related data of the exact same and are wanting to search for pictures on FB or in case you’ve got a picture you may try the following methods.


What is Facebook Image Search?

Facebook Image Search is a tool that is very popularly used to find the profile of a Facebook user with the help of solely an image, Photo ID, Facebook Image Search. It is possible to narrow down the hunt on Facebook.

How to Search Someone Using an Image on Facebook?

Facebook Search varies a lot from Google in one major aspect. Google crawls and indexes the images whereas while displaying a picture for a search query, Facebook must look at 3 important factors predicated on Alt text.

  • One of the advantages is that It has the ability to Crawl Facebook Photos using the Account ID.
    Additionally, it has to Take into Consideration the privacy settings of the users
  • It can only show you pictures that are public.
  • The setting of the pictures of the person’s profile play a very important role in determining whether the image will bring up results or not. When the pictures are set under the privacy setting of ‘Friend’ or’Friend of Friend’, it is difficult unless you’re any way closely connected with the person to find the images.

Generally, if you want to find someone specific with their name, you can register an account and type in the applicable keyword/s and FB will show you the result based on the query. You can search for a specific image by incorporating the phrase’Photos of XYZ’ to get results that are plausible.

Alternately, there’s a process to seek out profiles and pictures. You can go to facebook.com/directory and it allows you to apply the filters to narrow down the profile options that will show up in the results page to find a particular profile. This option makes the search much easier.

Also, the Social Search Engine can also be a very powerful tool to find the profile by name. All you have to do is Select Facebook as an option in the search parameter and type in the name to get the results.

Guide To Use Facebook Image Search

Whenever anyone uploads a picture on Facebook, the site assigns an identical numerical ID to each and every picture that is uploaded on the social media channel. Any pictures will possess that ID as part of the file name. You may use it to get the source of the image on Facebook if you know that amount.

Method 1:

Please read the following steps carefully:

1. Select the image you want to search for on Facebook and Right-click on it.

2. The next thing you have to do is select the option ‘Open in New Tab’ on Google Chrome. Or If you’re using any other web browser, you have to select View Photo option.


3. You have to then look for the three types of numbers of the file or the file name of the image, such as the ones highlighted in this example.


4. Find the series of numbers. In this example, that’s 10161570371170223. This is the ID number you will use to locate the image.


5. Search for https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=into your browser’s address bar.

6. Paste the ID number of the picture right after the = from the address bar. This example would appear as https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10161570371170223 without the spaces.


7. Press Input to go right to the photograph on Facebook and find the profile on which it was posted.

Method 2: Reverse Picture Search: Google and Facebook Method

You are able to carry out a reverse picture search in Google using a photograph posted on Facebook to maybe learn more about who posted it.

1. Right-click the picture and select Search Google for Picture.


2. A new tab will open showing matches for the searched image.

Alternatively, you can look for a picture you have downloaded from uploading it or dragging and dropping it on the Google Images search page to utilize the Google Reverse Picture search.


3. All you have to do is now remove the text from the search box. Then substitute it with site:facebook.com, and press Enter. By doing so, it tells Google to set the tool to Reverse Image Search.


4. Now Go through all the results to see if the profile of the person you’re trying to search for, shows up.

In case you have difficulty finding people using the approaches given above, there are a number of other tools available that can be used o carry on the process of searching. One of them is Reverse Image Search, could be on Facebook or otherwise.

Method 3:Utilizing SearchIsBack for Advanced FB Hunt

Search Is Back allows you to locate people using various filters to narrow down your results page. Filters like the town, relationship status, college, first name, and much more are available. Plus you’ll be able to look for articles, events, pictures, and other things. One good thing about this service is that you do not require the complex search conditions of FB. The service makes locating individuals on FB easy with restricted resources.


I hope this article helps you find people you’re searching for with the techniques mentioned above for using Facebook Image Search. It helps you find users means of an image, Photo ID, picture recognition technologies or URL. I hope you use this tool for reasonable purposes only.

Do let us know in the comments section below in case if you need any help or have any queries or doubts.