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Roja Directa Blocked 🚫|✅Best Alternatives to watch⚽️Football online in 2020

In today’s world, online availability is so high that people are consuming content on the internet only, so there is no doubt that now people want the traditional content online, so there is a lot of websites that are providing existing or streaming content online, eg: (Roja Directa)

After the online presence of streaming content, the audience has got another source of consuming content as per their convenience.

This online streaming service was designed for the audience to download or watch online streaming audio or video files.

In today’s world, there are millions of consumers in each corner of the planet, who take advantage of each and every type of innovation in the age of communications to keep themselves updated about everything, that is happening around the world.

The audience visits the websites that provide content or stream live events for free. So they follow the websites and keep themselves updated from those sites.

The online world has taken the monopoly from television to be the only platform to view the content or event of sports,

But equally true is the fact that some flow portals have been required to face issues because of piracy charges.

There are some cases where the websites have been forced to stop because of some legal issues, for EG: Roja Directa has been stopped for some time because of some legal issue so it cannot be streaming any event live till the time the legal issues have not been solved.

That the reason we will assist you to the websites that are still working and let you stream the live football event online, without giving any issue, the provided list of online streaming football websites you can go and check one of them for your preference and you can stream the live event without paying any penny..

And also we will provide you some additional information before entering any websites to avoid any legal action so you can go and watch your favorite live football event without having any issues.

So go through the information given below, with the website’s information below go through the information from the start till the end to avoid any issues while streaming.

So Roja Directa is still going to work or not?

The Rojadirecta platform has been, the permanent spot, for quite a time to enjoy football broadcasts and the platform was totally free in that manner.

In a country like Spain, where this game a part of each and every person’s life, internet operators started to find the website as an unfair competition that influenced their interests, so among these, Movistar registered a ruling whose sentence compelled the precautionary closure of their portal.

When the judicial step comes into force, those accountable for the stage have been fast to make the newest CardRojaOnline portal accessible to the general public, but a lot of fans still find it necessary to seek out info on other choice sites to watch soccer along with other sports.

So now also the fans who go to watch football online prefer visiting Roja DIrecta to see whether there is any update of the live streaming event or not.

Roja Directa Proxy Sites

List 1- Speedy Roja Directa Proxy Sites

URLStatusSpeed High Very High Normal High High Normal Very High Normal High Very High

List 2 -Ultra Premium Roja Directa Proxy Sites

URLStatusSpeed Very High High Very High Normal High Normal Normal High Normal Very High

List 3- Ultra Fast Proxy and Mirror Sites

URLStatusSpeed Very High Normal Normal High High Very High Normal Normal Very High Normal

Here is the list of Alternatives to watch football online

Now below we will be mentioning some of the options of alternatives to Roja Directa, with all the updated information on the websites and applications, So that you can enjoy the online streaming of that website without facing any kind of issue.

Note: The information provided by us is only for informative purposes.


After Roja Directa blocked, This platform offers games every weekend in HD format and online of the world’s best leagues for free. To guarantee high-quality content, install the Acestream plug-in to your device.

 With this Acestream software, we assure you that you will have the best user experience of watching the online football event online without any issues.


After Roja Directa blocked, Batman stream is the place where football fans come to watch the online streaming through the internet, if you are in any corner of the world this streaming portal helps you to watch the game and enjoy it while watching the game from your mobile or tablet, without missing anything from the game. The internet allows you to watch the online streaming in any device of yours, it is adaptable to all devices.

Nowadays people are following football matches in a wide range, where you also has option to watch or follow basketball, tennis, golf and other sports. There are more than twenty channels available, Batmanstream allows you to enjoy 2 or 3 games at a time.


After Roja Directa blocked, is the website that allows you to connect to the most popular television channels around the world. The website has a fast platform and it is simple to use from other websites. This website lets you watch the game of your preference totally free and also at the time of its development.

we are not only talking about football matches since you also have other categories.

4- Pirlo.TV

After Roja Directa blocked, If you like to follow several games at once, Pirlo TV offers you more than 20 free online channels to watch what you want to live simultaneously. The website is fully responsive and compatible with all devices, it allows you to enjoy everything from wherever you are in the world.

They also offer all the NBA action, tennis and international football for free. So you should try this site once because without a doubt this website is one of the best options to not miss anything.

5- EliteGol.Tv

After Roja Directa blocked, These platform is the best platform when it comes to watching football online with your preference, whether you want to watch live football or deferred broadcast this platform is totally free.

This platform has a worldwide presence,

This platform also offers you all categories, everything that interests you as a fan you can go and watch it on this platform.

Conclusion: Roja Directa Alternatives | Roja Directa Blocked

In today’s world when we see any information related to the claims of internet service providers worldwide, so we cannot just ignore the risk related to copyright protection.

For this reason, many internet users who use these platforms make sure that they use a good VPN service, to avoid any kind of legal actions and also to protect their privacy

Additionally, you should use good antivirus when you use any service on the internet.

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