😳 Nevertold Top 10 Secret Tips For Gmail 2019

😳 Unrevealed Top Gmail Secret Tips and Tricks

Gmail is now the most popular webmail service in the world. It is the world’s most used webmail service. It is standing first leaving other services behind.

Here we reveal Top 10 Secret Tips For Gmail with their features and most useful add-ons to help revive your productivity. This article will explain Gmail secrets, tips and tricks for Gmail, what are the benefits of Gmail and so on. These Gmail tips will help to enhance the performance of your gmail account.


#1. Create your own Gmail background theme

Gmail provides a number of themes for customizing its interface, which you can access by clicking the cog (Settings) icon in the top-right corner and choosing Themes. If you’re not impressed by the options available, you can design your own background theme.

In the Custom Themes section of the Themes page, choose whether to create a Light or Dark background. You can then select a photo from Google+, upload one from your PC or phone (using the Google+ app) or copy and paste the URL of an online image. Click Select and the picture will become the new theme for your Gmail account.

#2. View monthly statistics about your Gmail habits

If you’ve ever wondered how many emails you send and receive every month, you can find out using Gmail Meter. This free tool provides all manner of interesting information about your Gmail usage. Including your peak times of day for email traffic, how long you take to reply to messages and the time it takes people to respond to you and the average length of your emails. It’s a great way to analyze and improve your Gmail habits.

To set up Gmail Meter.

#1. First go to Google Drive (

#2. Click Create and choose spreadsheet.

#3. When the new spreadsheet opens, go to Tools. Script Gallery, search for Gmail Meter and click Install.

#4. Grant the script access to your account and a new Gmail Meter option will be added to the top of the spreadsheet.

#5. Click this, select ‘Get a Report’ and you’ll be sent an email when your monthly report is ready.

#3. Preview messages without opening them

The experimental Labs tool Preview Pane makes Gmail look more like a Desktop email program such as Outlook. One advantage to this is that you can quickly scroll through your inbox and display the contents of messages without needing to open them.

#1. To add the feature to Gmail, go to Settings, Labs, enable the option Preview Pane and click Save Changes.

#2. Click the ‘Toggle split pane mode’ button in the top right of your lnbox to show (and hide) the preview pane.

#3. To arrange the pane horizontally, click the arrow next to the Toggle button and choose Horizontal Split.

#4. Switch to using the Welsh version of Gmail

If you speak Welsh. you can switch to using Gmail in that language. Just go to Settings and. on the General tab. Select Cymraeg (Welsh) from the drop-down menu and click Save Changes. You can then choose whether to make Welsh your default language for other Google sites. Among other changes, your Inbox will now be called Blwch Derbyn and your Sent Mail renamed ‘Negeseuon a anfonwyd’. Google worked with the Welsh Language Commissioner ( to translate Gmail into Cymraeg.

#5. Combine your contacts and circles

Gmail is now integrated with Google+ ( which makes it easy to add people who email you to your circles.

Just hover your mouse over the ‘Add to circles’ option in the top-right corner of message and decide which circle to place the sender in, or create a new one. The person’s Google+ profile information will be added to your Gmail contacts.

You can also filter your lnbox to show only emails from people in a particular circle. Expand the Circles folder on the left-hand side of the page and choose the circle whose messages you want to display.

#6. Make Gmail your browser’s default email client

If you use Chrome, you’ve probably seen a message asking if you want to allow Gmail to open all email links you click on the web. If you clicked No and have changed your mind, open the browser, go to Settings, ‘Show advanced settings‘ and click ‘Content settings’. In true Handlers section, click Manage Handlers and delete Gmail from the Ignored list. When Chrome asks you the question again, click Use Gmail.

To make Gmail your default email client in other browsers,

#1.install the Gmail Notifier ( and right-click its icon in your System Tray.

#2. Choose Options, select ‘Use Gmail for internet mailto: links’ and click OK.

#7. Save Gmail attachments to Google Drive

Previously there was Chrome add-on Gmail Attachments to Drive, but now there is no need of such a plugin. You can directly save any attachment to your Google drive even you can host your website in your Google drive account. To save the attachment on Google drive follow these guidelines

#1. Click the Save To Drive option next to an attachment to copy he file to your Google Drive account, without needing to log in first.

 #8. Correct your spelling errors automatically

Although Chrome’s built-in spellchecker highlights misspelt words in your Gmail messages, you still need to correct your mistakes manually. Save yourself time and trouble by installing ezAutoCorrect for Gmail (, which automatically detects and corrects more than 700 common spelling errors. These include such blunders as typing ‘freind’ instead of ‘friend’. ‘seperate’ instead of ‘separate’ and ‘alot’ instead of ‘a lot‘. You can add further word replacements to the list, and choose to always capitalize the first letter after a full stop.


#9. Schedule your emails to be sent later

If you’ve written someone an email and you don’t want them to read until later, you can use Boomerang ( for Gmail to delay its delivery. This useful add-on for Firefox and Chrome lets you schedule emails to be sent on the day and at the time of your choice.

Just click the Send Later button at the top of the message window and choose a date. You can delay up to 10 emails a month for free, or pay $4.99

(£3.27) for unlimited scheduling.

#10. Control the space of the Gmail interface

GmaiI’s Display Density feature adjusts its interface to suit the size of your screen or browser window. You can also change the layout manually to make your inbox look tighter or more spaced out.

# Click the arrow next to the cog icon and choose Compact, Cosy or Comfortable.

I hope you enjoyed reading secret tips for gmail. Let us know your views via comment section.

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