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🤹‍♀️23+ Best KissCartoon Alternatives 2020 | ▷Kisscartoon Like Sites | 🥇Unblock Kisscartoon Proxy & Mirrors

🤹‍♀️ Kids and adults love to watch cartoons, there are various websites on the internet offering you your loved cartoons while streaming through the website but maybe not all are free of charge additionally users face problems.

KissCartoon is one of the best cartoon streaming websites, but a lot of times the host goes down. KissCartoon does not provide all the cartoon or anime series. It hence cannot be considered as an all in 1 website.

What is KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is a website which streams cartoon and anime for free; without users having to sign up for it. KissCartoon always has it’s cartoon series updated and arranged into categories for users to easily make their choice in cartoons.

However, the KissCartoon website does have it’s cons too, many at times the publishing content isn’t updated as well as doesn’t provide all the cartoons available. The host also happens to slow down a lot of times, thus making users go around looking for KissCartoon alternatives.

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23 Best Alternatives of KissCartoon:

The list below will help you with what you’ve been looking for. Given below are a few KissCartoon alternative sites or proxy sites:

Kiss Anime

KissAnime is one of the leading best free anime streaming sites. KissAnime has a huge fan following among not just kids but adults too. As per the report, about 25 million people visit the site every month. 

It consists of both, the old as well as the new anime series. In order to avoid frequent popping up of ads while you watch anime, you can opt for a premium version of the site that blocks all the ads.


AnimeRhina is one of the best options for Anime lovers. The site is distributed into various categories making it easier for people to choose from them.

AniemRhina site has good user experience and operates well even on slow internet. You can also download and watch later just in case you can’t watch it online at that point in time.

Cartoon Network:

Cartoon Network has been an all-time favourite for everybody even for those who aren’t cartoon fanatics. Cartoon Network not just offers cartoons but also provides a few web games for kids to play on.  It is genuinely the best choice to go with if you are a full-fledged cartoon freak.

Has an excellent user interface and experience and won’t have to wait much for your chosen cartoon to start up as the website server works quite fast as compared to others.

Disney Now:

Disney Now offers all of its content for free. It offers very limited cartoon content.

Disney Now is an amazing cartoon and series streaming site. It is also an ad-free cartoon/series streaming website.


WatchCartoonOnline works very similarly like KissCartoon, the user experience and interface is very clear and user-friendly. Anybody new who browses through the site won’t find it hard to understand how the site functions as the navigation bar on the top of the page, guides you through the different categories the site has, to offer to you. Very few ads on this site.

GoGo Anime

GoGo Anime is ideally a reliable website for viewers to download and watch free anime/ cartoon. GoGo Anime is a streaming high tech anime website that mainly provides various cartoons as well as anime. 

Cartoon Crazy

CartoonCrazy is the another best KissCartoon substitute. Provides English dubbed anime, also has a library for the anime. This site’s user and interface experience is fine. However, compared to other websites this site can be navigated easily.

CartoonCrazy is popular in many countries, particularly in the united states, UK, and Canada, around 12 million Web users see this website every month. Offers high-quality content. And does not have a fixed domain name.

It is another version of  KimCartoon. However, both the versions are completely different from one and other. This site in particular has cartoon series, cartoon movies and Tv shows to offer along with some anime. It has an excellent user interface. And also includes features like sub titles.


It is comparable to KissCartoon, this site has loads of cartoons and Anime videos, but the URL of this domain is different. WatchAnimeDub has Dubbed animation, dubbed Anime, Subbed Anime, films, etc.

It even has an excellent interface and experience; the video player is quite like YouTube, which is easy to comprehend. This site is overly popular; it has approximately 40 million customers, 50% of traffic comes from the USA.


KuroAni also offers many cartoon and anime series.This site is new, so it doesn’t have much traffic, you can hence get a clear and optimized interface.


Toonova is an excellent place to watch all the cartoons you like, it is widely recommended for cartoons than anime.

The homepage is as similar to any other website you have seen. Toonova gets around 1.5 million traffic per month.


WathcDub is an all in one website for anime and cartoon. To play a video you have to choose the video mirror server. This site is a new one as well.

Dubbed Anime

It offers almost all dubbed anime, you also have options to look for your favourite anime precisely. In order to gain complete access of the site, users need to log in and sign up. In case, you don’t want ads to pop up you can opt for a premium plan.


 A great KissCartoon alternative that offers Korean Drama, dubbed anime, and cartoon. ToonGet also offers a mobile application that can be downloaded only through a third party platform.

Anime WoW

A foolproof anime trusted the site. AnimeWow offers a wide range of anime series and movies; also you get a section for the newly launched anime on the website.

Site interface and user experience are similar to most of the cartoon streaming sites.

Anime Toon

Anime Toon is another good KissCartoon alternative, very similar to other cartoon streaming sites. A long list is given for Dubbed Anime and cartoon series as well as movies.

The user experience of Anime Toon is quite similar to any other site, you options to search anime, cartoons, and movies. AnimeToon has good authority with over 3 million monthly attended traffic.

Watch Cartoons Online

Works just like any other anime site you have seen in the past. Watch Cartoons Online has similar features like that of KissCartoon. The site also offers content from Cartoon Network, Disney and Nick. Has a great home interface. And has a wide list of options of Anime.

A good option to look at if KissCartoon happens to stop working. The site doesn’t function as smoothly as you would want it to, shuts down many times due to server issues and you might have to click over a video 2-3 times for it to actually start playing.

Never the less, the site can be considered in terms of streaming good anime online as it doesn’t require any subscription fee.

Adventure Time

Most people recommend Adventure Time to those who are dedicated anime fans. The site indeed is really a good one, you get access to all the adventure time series in the HD video quality.

The site is really easy to navigate and understand. Initially ,you will be redirected to another page but immediately after that your video will play.


FreeOnlineAnime is one of the best KissCartoon alternatives, but the drawback is that this website only offers Anime, if your a fan of cartoons but more than anime then you would need to reconsider using this site. It’s a new website hence has very little traffic.


CartoonsOn offers favorite cartoons series to users. They have a small library, which makes it easier to look for your favorite cartoons. Another great alternative to KissCartoon.


9cartoon works just like KissCartoon, No difference at all.

Is KissCartoon Safe?

KissCartoon is not safe. All these websites are known to send viruses. The site generates money by displaying ads on its site. These ads are loaded into your browser with the help of a JavaScript file, which hackers may inject using viruses.

As the ads are not carefully controlled via a trustworthy ad network such as Google, there’s a greater danger of threats. There are reports that KissCartoon viruses or viruses downloaded through the advertisements, lets hackers to hack visitors’ computer and misuse their data.

After the tools of the computer are utilized for mining, the computer slows down when executing tasks. The virus and cryptocurrency miners may not be directly connected to KissCartoon but the site does not take the necessary precautionary measures to stop the virus from entering. Hence, there is a high chance of your computer being affected by the virus.

Is KissCartoon Legal?

KissCartoon is not legal. They host cartoon films and pirated anime. This site and the other websites handled by the group do not have the rights to distribute the material that they host.

These sites are sometimes made to shut down, depending on where the company and the servers are located. When these shutdowns happen, they use a cloned version to keep the website alive on another server and with a domain name. There are also many KissCartoon websites that carry a much greater risk of viruses.

All these sites are clones of the site and nobody knows who oversees them. The websites appear with the same domain name and different domain suffixes. Instead of the conventional, you may see or even The original can now be commanded by one of it is clone operators.

Legal KissCartoon Alternatives:

Some of the most common and affordable legal cartoon/anime streaming sites are:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime
  • Crunchyroll
  • Crackle
  • Nickelodeon
  • Cartoon Network

Most of these options require a TV bundle that has the channel or a monthly membership. For instance, if your cable, satellite, or package includes Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, then you can download the app or signal into the site to stream TV shows.

These sites and apps that are generally considered to be safe include additional capabilities and features. For example, you may have a playlist or the option to resume from where you left off watching.


KissCartoon will always remain as a constant preference when comes to choosing a cartoon streaming site. But in times when the server shuts down, that when KissCartoon Alternatives come in handy.

The article holds a list of not just the illegal streaming sites but also a secure list of legal streaming sites. If there any other good ones that come across, which aren’t mentioned in either of the lists above please feel free to write them down to me in the comments section.

Happy Reading!

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