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How To Fix Fuzzy and Blurry Text In Windows8 and Windows8.1

Today we will see how to fix blurry text in windows8 and windows8.1. Many users are not satisfied because of Windows 8.1 Blurry Applications. This is the generation of Full HD. Everyone wants to feel and class on the visual screen.

Windows 8 and 8.1 both are up with support to high-resolution displays. These displays are also referred to high-DPI display which stands for Dots Per Inch. This dots are nothing but the pixels, large no of pixels results in crystal clear clarity and high-definition feel.

There are many windows application out there which don’t support display scaling, so Microsoft Windows 8.1 brought the solution to this issue. If.a a particular application is not supporting to fit in the native display. Windows just double the interface of app in order to show that the app’s interface is not tiny at all. This process of doubling the interface makes the text in the application fuzzy or blurry.

Now those users have machine or laptop which is not equipped with HD supporting display generally they are facing this issue. There are many more users complaining about this issue on the windows forum. Blurry issues like google chrome look blurry on Windows 8, Windows 8 Metro Blurry, Windows 8 MMC Blurry, etc.

User is suffered from Windows 8.1 DPI Text Blurry because of a certain setting. Let us see some example of the blurry/fuzzy text. Windows 8 Metro Blurry   As you can see the text is blurry

How To Fix Fuzzy and Blurry Text In Windows8 and Windows8.1

Step1: Go To Desktop.

Step2: Right Click on the application’s shortcut icon and click on Properties. 

< Note:  If you are not able to locate Application’s Shortcut Icon then open Task Manager and Right Click on the application and then Properties.>

Step3: As shown in below screenshot just Check the box in front of Disable display setting on high DPI setting. Now Click on Apply and restart that application.



Step4: Last and most important is you’re done!!!!. 😛

After done with this setting text won’t be buzzy or blurry anymore but it will appear little smaller. it doesn’t make any issue but the window of the application is clean n clear. Please let us know your review on fixing the fuzzy and blurry text.