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Here is a list of services that we provide. For any business inquiries or for purchase of any service contact us directly using contact us page.

Free WordPress Blog Setup

Majority of the blogs fails within few months of starting out. One of the major reason is getting frustrated by the WordPress setup and information overload on what to do with WordPress.

So here at we believe that having a healthy blog setup from the beginning help to pave the good future for the blog.

Now you should be wondering why you are providing all of these for free. Well there’s a catch. You have to contact us for Free WordPress blog setup before purchasing your domain name and hosting. In this way you can use our Affiliate Links to buy such services and in return we provide free WordPress blog setup.

Now let’s jump directly towards the things that we include in this service:

  • Hosted on one of the best hosting servers
  • We work with you to select the best theme for your niche
  • SEO Optimized
  • Blazing Fast Performance
  • Top-Notch Security Settings
  • Our Handpicked Best Plugins
  • Free SSL Installation
  • Customized Support

WordPress Speed Optimizations

One of the major cause of degradation of the User Experience is the loading time of a blog. The faster it loads the smoother the user experience is and the user will love your blog.

Being the fact that User Experience is one of the major ranking factors in the eyes of Google Search Algorithms. It is always a good option to stay ahead of everyone by providing a blazing fast WordPress blog.

However it is quite difficult to do because sometimes it required to replace the plugins and themes with other alternatives or some optimization may cause your website to break.

That is why we are here. We have experienced experts that are into optimization business for a long time. So here is what you will get in this package:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights Optimization
  • GTMetrix & Pingdom Load Time Optimization
  • Reduction in Page Size (Files & Image Optimizations)

* There are several other factors that can make it vary the score in multiple tests like your hosting provider, test location and network delay

CloudFlare Setup & Configuration

If you know about CDNs then we are sure that you have heard about CloudFlare. It is the best free CDN available in the market.

But that being said it is easy to setup but for advanced performance optimization there are some extra configurations that are needed to be done in order to get full benefits of the service.

We will configure your website with CloudFlare to ensure compatibility and maximum possible performance.