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This tutorial is all about how to play Google’s latest chrome and web games?. Google’s games are ingeniously designed and highly addictive. Here we round up six of the very best new ones to play in your browser with friends or on your own. Most of these games comes under google experiment. Some of them do not work on slow internet connection that a sad news. It works flawless in high speed internet. They are intended to work on chrome web browser you can download free Google Chrome Web Browser [ HERE ]

Latest Chrome And Web Games

Play Cube Slam In Chrome


Cube Slam ( is a 3D Pong-Style game you can play against a friend. You need to Invite them, then allow chrome to access your webcam, which makes your face the target if none of your friends are online, you can play Bob the Bear instead. Download the app ( and you’ll be able to play Bob offline, too.

Play Roll It In Chrome

play-roll-it-chrome and web game

Roll It ( recreates skeet ball, the ball-rolling game you’ll recognize from seaside arcades. Sync your phone with your computer and you‘ll be able to roll the ball with a flick of your wrist. This video explains more:

Play Chrome Racer Game


In Chrome Racer ( You race colored blocks on a Track that’s split across up to five Android or iOS screens, so friends can line up their phones and tablets and play a Chrome version of Scalectrix. You can also play Racer by yourself. Each device will need to run the latest version of Chrome for mobile (

Play Atari Breakout In Google



Type ‘Atari Breakout’ into Google Images and the results will magically transform into the classic Seventies game. After typing ‘Atari Breakout’ wait a moment. It’s Google’s latest hidden tool, following such classics as ‘do a barrel roll‘ in Search.

Play Chrome 3D Maze Game



The Chrome game World Wide Maze is another brilliant demonstration of new web technology. It turns any website in toa 3D maze, and lets you move a ball through it by tilting your phone or tablet, which is synced to your PC. As though it’s a console controller. You’ll need a device running iOS 5 or Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), or better.

Sync Chrome Games Between Phone and PC


Super Sync Sports ( comprises three games that appear on your PC, but are synced to your phone or tablet. This lets you control the games by moving your fingers on your mobile device. The games are running, cycling and swimming, so you have to move your fingers as quickly as you used to waggle your joystick playing Daley Thompson’s Decathlon.

NOTE: Some of them will only work on android web browser having high speed connectivity.

So what are you waiting for start playing google’s latest chrome and web games. If you know more please do share with us chrome game review.


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