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Google is constantly improving its search experience by adding interesting, new features.In this article i am going to answer question like how to use the google’s search tools cleverly?, How it is helpful for your SEO strategy?. These google’s search tool may also work as source of information in other words Content Genearation Source. Here we take a look at five of the best recent examples.

Ways To Use Google’s Search Tools

1. Watch GoogIe’s search wall

google search wall

Google’s dazzling, multi-colored search wall (bit.ly/wall321) shows you trending searches in the UK in real time. Google urges you to go full-screen to experience the “biggest, purest eye candy”. Check the top-left icon to reduce the size of the grid and the menu at the bottom to view Search trends in a different county.

2. Search the web with Google using just your voice

google voice search

Google web search constantly upgrading their search technology. Chrome now lets you search Google using your voice. Click the microphone icon to the right of the search bar then allow Google to access your PC’s microphone. The results are a bit erratic, but It’; an Interesting glimpse into the future of search.

3. Search for flights in Google


Google launched its flight search tool in the UK (www.google.com/flights).  You can filter searches by airline, stops, duration and price. Although results don’t currently include Ryanair, Lufthansa. EasyJet, Thomas Cook and Aer Lingus. Click the bar-chart icon in the too-right corner to see the lowest fares for a particular period. It will also show you location on map.

4. Search instantly in Google’s Street View


Instant Google Street View (www.instantstreetview.com) results as you search. In Street View, like a visual equivalent of Google’s instant search service. Start typing ‘Buckingham Palace‘, for example, and you whizz through Buenos Aires, Bucharest, Buckingharnshire and other locations before arriving at your destination. It’s a fun, random way to see the world. Hold your mouse pointer on screen and move in the direction where you wanna move.

5. Find out how search works


Image credit: Google

How Search Works is an interesting new site from Google that explains the complex search process that leads to your simple page of results, “from algorithms to answers”. It does so using a long infographic called The Story. Which combines facts, colorful illustrations and pop-up windows of relevant information. You can view live examples of the type of spam pages Google removes. Other sections cover how the search engine crawls and indexes trillions of documents and its policies for deleting content. Fore more information GO TO (goo.gl/EPXG2U)

You can also check out video here explained by Sir Matt Cutts

These were the new Google’s Search Tools and how to use them cleverly. There are many more internet search tools but google is best and beast.

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