Amazing new sites to explore in Google Maps

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Google is constantly adding interesting and innovative elements to Maps, Earth and Street View.We collected some amazing sites in google maps. The new Google maps can act as guide for your worldtour. Here we look at some recent outstanding examples.

Amazing Sites In Google Maps

Use Street View in Google Earth on phones and tablets


The new version of the Google Earth app for Android ( and iOS ( adds Street View, letting you take virtual tours around the world on your phone and tablet. Previously, you could only use Street View through the Google Maps app.

There’s also a new interface, giving you quicker access to the app – just click the top-left Earth logo – and more information in ‘layers’, including Panoramic photos and Wikipedia. Drag the yellow pegman onto the map to launch Street View. Then double-tap to move forward, following yellow or white lines. To change the view, pinch or scroll the screen.


Another improvement to both Google Maps and Earth sees the removal of clouds from satellite imagery. You can see some ‘before’ and ‘after‘ photos on

Google’s Lat Long blog (, such as these images of Indonesia.

See the world’s tallest building In Street View


Check out the amazing view from the observation deck on the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which Google has added to Street View. G0 to ( see the best images, then watch this video to see how Google captured them: (

Explore 1,001 new locations in Street View

Google recently added some spectacular destinations to Street View ( in a massive update. Highlights include Singapore Zoo, Seville Cathedral and Chapultepec Park in Mexico City. You can also visit the Mark Twain museum in Connecticut and sail down the canals of Copenhagen, from where you’ll be able to see the famous Little Mermaid status, based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale. For links to more new locations, check out Google‘s Lat Long blog: (

In an earlier update, Google added new images of New York to Street View, Including the 9/11 Memorial ( and Central Park (

 Watch Google Earth timelapse animations

Columbia Glacier Retreat

Google has teamed up with NASA. Time magazine and the US Geological Survey to create timelapse animations from satellite images taken since 1984 ( It’s a fascinating way to see how areas such as the Amazon rain-forest, Las Vegas and Alaska have changed. Read the

Google Lat Long blog for more information: (

 See Hungary in Street View

Hungary in street View

Earlier this year, Street View arrived in Hungary, as illustrated by this image taken halfway across Budapest’s famous Chain Bridge ( other eye-catching locations include the Parliament Building ( and Buda Castle (

 Create your own Street View using Hyperlapse

A hyperlapse combines time-lapse photography and sweeping camera shots to produce a stunning video of a journey from A to B. Now you can make your own using Street View Imagery. Go to ( type a location, move the map markers, then click Create.

Here’s a great example of a Hyperlapse that zooms across San Francisco’: Golden Gate Bridge:

 See Fukushima in Street View

Google has taken photos of the Japanese city of Namie-machi, near the Fukushima nuclear plant, which was abandoned following the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 ( With images of washed-up boats, crushed houses and deserted streets, they capture the terrifying destruction of the disaster.

 Check out new UK images in Street View

 You should check to see if there’s a new Image of your home on Street View because Google recently added thousands of miles of new images for Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff and London. It’s also filled in some of the gaps in South Wales, East Anglia and the Scottish coastline.

Further east, there are over 200 new Russian cities on Street View including Sochi, home of the 2014 Winter Olympics. And Bulgaria became the 48th country to be added to Street View, with Google photographing areas including the Black Sea coastline and the capital Sofia, where you’ll see the stunning Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. For shortcut links to some of the Bulgarian and Russian highlights, visit (

 Climb the world’s highest mountains in Google Maps

You can now see amazing views from four of the highest mountains on Earth in Google Maps – Mount Elbrus in Russia, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Everest Base Camp in the Himalayas and Aconcagua in Argentina. These make up four of the famous Seven Summits – the tallest peaks on each of the continents. See ( for the collection.

Visit random, Surprise places In Street View

random door

For a magical mystery tour through Street View, click the link above then go through The Secret Door ( We began in this wonderfully old-fashioned sweet shop in Evesham, then hopped to waterfalls in Japan, museums in Jerusalem and Dubs in London. It has a delightful “lust one more click’ appeal.

Explore the Grand Canyon in Google Maps

This stunning view below comes from Google‘s new collection of Grand Canyon panoramas (, which contain over 75 miles of walking trails, Click the link above for shortcuts to stunning images, or use the Street View gallery at ( Google‘s team of map-makers used the Trekker backpack to take the images captured in this video: (

Google has also been mapping more of North Korea using “a community of citizen cartographers”. As you‘ll see by reading Google’s blog (, these amateurs have added a lot of detail, which is lust as well because it might be several years before the world’s most secretive country lets Google’s Street View car onto its roads.

Happily, Google has had no trouble mapping several US and Canadian ski resorts, providing spectacular views of some of North America’s most famous mountains including Whistler Blackcomb, Squaw Valley and Jackson Hole: (

See Israel in Street View

Google has added hundreds of Israel locations to Street View ( including the coral reef In WNO Eilat, the lowest point on earth at the Dead Sea, and the Sea of Galilee (see photo below). But none of these can beat the marvellous Egged Bus Museum (

Take new guided 3D tours in Google Earth


Google Earth ( has added 100,000 new tours in 200 countries, giving you dazzling 3D guides of famous locations. To use it, search for a location, then click the Tour Guide tab at the bottom of the screen. Click a thumbnail photo and you‘II fly war that location, with information appearing on the screen. Google’s video will explain more: ( it’s a brilliant way to prepare for a holiday.

 Guess whereabouts you are in the world

GeoGuessr ( is an addictive game that makes brilliant use of Street View. Look at the area in the photo, then click the world map to place a guess marker where you think the location is. The closer you are, the more points you score.

 Visit the set Of Diagon Alley in Street View

dragon alley )

You can now get closer to the world of Harry Potter in Street View by visiting the set of Dragon Alley on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. You’ll recognize buildings such as Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes joke shop and Mr. Mullpepper’s Apothecary.

See current traffic information in Google Maps

 google traffic


Google has updated its Maps app for Android and iOS, adding incident details for problems on the road and alerts if a better route becomes available. Read Google’s Lat Long blog for details of all the new extras: (

For bloggers, embed Google map in website which helps to add plenty of traffic to your site. I hope you enjoyed reading list of amazing sites to explore in google maps. Keep discovering more amazing sites in google maps. If you know more sites please let us know via comment section.

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