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AD Type Position Size Appearance
Square Button Right Sidebar 125*125 Everywhere
Medium Rectangle Right Sidebar 350*250 Everywhere
Medium Rectangle Between Post 350*250 All Posts
Large Rectangle Between Post 366*280 All Posts
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We provide various sponsorship option for advertisers to better approach our audience and make them their customer. It is the most effective way of boosting brand visibility and reputation. CoodeTounlock has already helped many popular and emerging brands to increase their reach.


You will get the exposure from all the readers of CodeToUnlock

Trust Boost

Developing a Better Service/Product than the competition is not enough. This will help you build trust with your customers.


You will have a chance to convert our visitors to your loyal customers

Social Boost

You will also get exposure from our Social Media Channels

  • Sponsored Reviews – We will write a complete in-depth Review of your product/service to ensure the visitor’s engagement to your product/service. Through this review we will tell our readers why your product is useful, it features, why it is better over other products in the market. This will help you to convert our readers to your loyal customer.
  • Sponsored Guides – We can also write how-to guides and another tutorial for your product/service to aware the users about your business.
  • Sponsored Giveaways – If you are hosting a giveaway or competition, you can extend your reach by promoting it on Code To Unlock.
  • Sponsored Sharing – Your desired content will be shared on all of our Social Networks as well as via Email Outreach.

Terms & Conditions

  • Sponsored Reviews, Guides or any other Sponsored Contents are never deleted Intentionally unless we receive any special request, any policy violation (Generally from Google) or it is harmful for us or our audience. In any case we reserve all rights to modify/delete the articles/links that are causing the issue.
  • Minimum Lifetime of Sponsored Reviews, Guides or any other Sponsored Content will be 2 Years. They may remain published longer than that but not less than that.
  • ( ***** The first condition is still valid in the period of 0 to 2 Years ***** )
  • We also reserve all rights to update the Sponsored Reviews, Guides or any other Sponsored Contents to keep the readers updated with the latest happenings.
  • If any of the links is throwing 3XX/4XX/5XX response/error, we reserve all rights to remove/replace the link to maintain consistent User Experience.
  • The price quoted by us by any means is only valid for 3 months after that price will be revised.
  • We have the discretion to update these terms at any time. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review these terms periodically and become aware of modifications.
  • If the payment is made from India, then 18% GST is applicable to the quoted price.